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I AM Medicine Bag enhance your feminine side by Crystal Vibrations on Etsy.
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4 weeks ago by randyhilarski
Description of the Masks of the Goddess Project by Lauren Raine MFA and Collaborators
Masks in traditional societies are viewed as liminal tools, as “vessels for the sacred powers”. After studying mask arts in Bali I returned to the U.S. in 1999 to create 30 multi-cultural masks based on feminine deities throughout the world. Inspired by Balinese sacred mask traditions, I wanted to offer the collection as contemporary "Temple Masks", devoted to celebrating mythologies of the Divine Feminine. The Collection has grown and traveled throughout the U.S., used by dancers, choreographers, storytellers, ritualists, priestesses, and psychologists.

Masks have so much transformative power. One might say that they are like cups, waiting to be filled. The Masks of the Goddesses were created to re-claim and re-invent these important stories, as well as empowering women to explore each archetype within herself. What does the story of Sedna , ocean mother of the Inuit, have to teach us about ecology and reciprocity with the Earth? What is the Gnostic Christian "Mirror of Sophia"? How is the "Descent of Inanna" a potent story of psychological death and rebirth, the journey toward wholeness? How is Spider Woman, the great native American Weaver, an important metaphor for our time?
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8 weeks ago by Quercki

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