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Standard Package Layout – Ben Johnson – Medium
Vendoring. Generics. These are seen as big issues in the Go community but there’s another issue that’s rarely mentioned — application package layout.

By following a few simple rules we can decouple our code, make it easier to test, and bring a consistent structure to our project. Before we dive into it, though, let’s look at some of the most common ways people structure projects today.
golang  codedesign 
45 minutes ago by sandipb
Nitro Sidecar
Gossip-based service discovery. Docker native, but supports non-container discovery, too.
golang  proxy  microservices  haproxy  service-discovery  lyft-envoy 
58 minutes ago by adrian17
Want to Debug Latency? – Observability+ – Medium
In the recent decade, our systems got complex. Our average production environments consist of many different services (many microservices, storage systems and more) with different deployment and…
go  golang  latency  distributed  observability  debug  article  important  devops  debugging  metrics  tracing 
2 hours ago by vonc
Interface wrapping method erasure – Jack Lindamood – Medium
Nicely detailed blog post about some fundamental limitations of Go, largely around the lack of ability to inherit behavior from things you wrap.
12 hours ago by Groxx
In the community a growing concern is that the core team is dismissive. Many ppl mention generics as an exa…
golang  from twitter_favs
16 hours ago by sogrady

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