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It’s almost impossible to function without the big five tech giants | John Naughton | Opinion | The Guardian
As a US journalist discovered to her cost, trying to live without Google, Amazon and their ilk is a monumental problem
Amazon  Google  Apple  Microsoft  Facebook  Technology  TechJournalism  TechFeatures  Experiments  Comment  TheGuardian 
1 hour ago by dk33per
How smart are Gmail’s ‘smart replies’? | Technology | The Guardian
When Seamas O’Reilly responded to all his emails for a week using only Smart Reply, our columnist’s messages suddenly became spookily jaunty. Did his friends spot the difference?
Google  Gmail  SmartReplies  personalaccount  review  Guardian  2019 
5 hours ago by inspiral
[테크/모바일] Google Keep
사고 싶은 어떤 물건의 링크를 Google Keep에 저장하면
Google Keep에서 링크 연결 표시가 바로 떠서
다음에 들어올 때 손쉽게 그 상품 정보에 들어갈 수 있습니다.
이 기능은 저도 겁나 많이 씁니다.
7 hours ago by joshualhj
Collabora Online (part of Collabora Productivity)
"Collabora Online is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office that supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, which you can integrate in your own infrastructure."
writing  web  Internet  google  opensource  logiciel.libre  redaction  collaboration  work  travail  libreoffice 
13 hours ago by kmo
OnlyOffice Documents
Online office suite with three tools: document writer/editor, presentation tool, spreadsheet tool. Compatible with Microsoft tools. Same principle as Google Docs. (company Ascensio System SIA?). Available in ENG, et en FR aussi, as well as many other languages. Can be integrated with NextCloud and OwnCloud via an app, since February 2017.
writing  web  Internet  google  redaction  collaboration  work  travail 
14 hours ago by kmo
Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs proposed cut of Toronto taxes for smart city
Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs reportedly proposed receiving a cut of property taxes, development fees and increased land value for its work in Toronto.
politics  neoliberalism  alphabet  google  taxes  capitalism 
16 hours ago by jstenner

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