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google/trax: Trax — your path to advanced deep learning
Trax helps you understand and explore advanced deep learning. We focus on making Trax code clear while pushing advanced models like Reformer to their limits. Trax is actively used and maintained in the Google Brain team. Give it a try, talk to us or open an issue if needed.
google  ml  ai  machinelearning  numpy 
2 hours ago by wjy
Don’t Demonize Employees Who Raise Problems
As with the marketing director, the leader demonized him instead of dealing with the issue. This can happen in any organization — including yours — and affects every part of the business, from marketing to sales, by product and industry moves, and at every level. Finally, celebrate the agitation instead of demonizing the people bringing issues forward. Leadership, after all, is about solving problems. If people aren’t bringing you problems, consider why not. Maybe it’s because they stop believing that you care or don’t believe that you want their best ideas; either of which is a problem. As Colin Powell said, the day your people stop bringing you their problems, you have stopped leading them.

The next time you see your colleague turn a conversation about a problem into the *person* raising the problem, you can gently nudge with a question, is it their problem or ours to solve?
demonizing  corporate-culture  complaints  hr  whistleblowers  ross-lajeunesse  china  google  censorship  nilofer-merchant 
3 hours ago by yolandaenoch
Karakuri puppet - Wikipedia
show This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Japanese.
workflow  Karakuri  Takeda  Omi  Zashiki  Dashi  Jane  Marie  Law  Shea  Michael  Markowitz  Judith  Frenchy  Brown  Steven  T.  DeepL  Google  Translate  Kabuki  Puppets  of  Nostalgia  Princeton  University  Press  Walter  de  Gruyter  Mechademia  Minnesota  Japan  Edo  Nagoya  Berlin  Minneapolis  Tokyo  Japanese  New  York  Palgrave 
4 hours ago by mikeyp
google/trax: Trax — your path to advanced deep learning
Trax — your path to advanced deep learning. Contribute to google/trax development by creating an account on GitHub.
google  tensorflow  pytorch  deep-learning  alternative  numpy 
5 hours ago by nharbour
Google redraws disputed borders, depending on who’s looking
It is influenced not just by history & local laws, but also whims of diplomats, policymakers & its own executives.
google  googlemaps  information 
yesterday by wiobyrne
Tint - Google's proposed shader language for WebGPU | Lobsters
Apple and Google are arguing over the language to be used, since SPIR-V has undefined behavior(by design), Google may be being sued by Khronos, and Apple wants a simpler standard that mostly only benefits Apple devices.
gpu  lobsters  discussion  2020  apple  google  shader  web 
2 days ago by mechazoidal

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