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Corporate Goth
Because "nice boots" are expensive…
goth  culture  business 
12 weeks ago by Z303
cold black man by Jay Simon | Free Listening on SoundCloud
cold black man by Jay Simon i didn't mean to do this mix on national goth day but i did
ifttt  soundcloud  wave  goth  house  techno  "electro  "  favorite 
may 2019 by stringbot
Danie's Simsational Blog
I present to you my recreation of the residential lot, Goth Manor, or 13 Skyborough Boulevard, from The Sims 3, in Sunset Valley. It is fully decorated to the best of my ability except for the gravestones. It is on a 5x6 lot and is slightly more compressed (mainly in the graveyard) than the original version to fit the lot size. It costs $259,987. It is completely CC FREE.
sims2  lots  houses  goth 
april 2019 by timberwolfoz
Albums that aren't goth by genre but are goth at heart, posted by tigerhug - Rate Your Music
Any examples? What I mean - albums that aren't tagged as gothic rock, neoclassical darkwave, darkwave, gothic country etc etc but like sound REALLY goth for some reason.
rym  goth  thread  music  albums 
april 2019 by dicewitch

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