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A Linguist’s Guide to Quid Pro Quo
"It’s true that the transcript of the reconstructed conversation does not reveal a smoking sentence with an “if” and a “then.” But to most readers, Mr. Trump’s claim that he was merely musing about his druthers does not pass the giggle test. That is because people in a social relationship rarely hammer out a deal in so many words but veil their offers in politeness and innuendo, counting on their hearers to listen between the lines.

"People can certainly issue naked offers and threats. But the clarity of “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” or “Your money or your life” comes with costs. The exchange may be taboo, as in prostitution, bribery or extortion, and even when it is legitimate, overt deal-making can be disagreeable. Each side must hold the other to the terms of a hard bargain, sacrificing flexibility and making the relationship feel cold and transactional.

"For these reasons people often cloak their exchanges in the trappings of a communal relationship, in which friends, relatives or comrades share goods unstintingly, with no one keeping track. Deals that are struck under the charade of a fictive friendship may have more forgiving terms, and the parties may throw in sweeteners to secure the other’s loyalty and cement the relationship.

"Throughout his presidency, Mr. Trump has habitually appealed to not-quite-plausible deniability, claiming that his various calls for abuse of power were made in jest. His supporters insist he should be taken “seriously but not literally.” Yet this time it may be the nonliteral meaning of his words that proves his undoing. The common-sense interpretation of his conversation makes it impossible for him to maintain, “I did not have quid pro quo relations with that man, Mr. Zelensky.”
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6 days ago by ingenu
Rural AR: Trumpland
"A considerable part of rural America is shrinking, and, for some, this means it’s time to go into retreat. Rather than pitching in to maintain what they have, people are willing to go it alone, to devote all their resources to their own homes and their own families."
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6 days ago by ingenu
Amazing that & are representing on 's list of the Top 100 most…
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7 days ago by hillary
SRE as a Lifestyle Choice - Marianne Bellotti - Medium
The last project I worked on for the government was a pilot program to fix Title 5, otherwise known as civil service competitive hiring. By 2018 I was ready to leave government and told USDS so. I…
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8 days ago by xer0x
Blue Button |
The Blue Button symbol signifies that a site has functionality for customers download health records. You can use your health data to improve your health and to have more control over your personal health information and your family’s healthcare.
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12 days ago by cera
How we support service design across government - Government Digital Service
GDS is leading the digital transformation of the UK government.
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6 weeks ago by tonys
Podcast: On writing - Government Digital Service
from digital service. intro: If you’re asked to write a blog post, opinion piece or presentation, here are Angus and Sarah’s 10 tips for clear writing:
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6 weeks ago by piperh
Ministerstvo spravedlnosti pokyny pro dodavatele
Tato stránka dokumentuje některé z technických rozhodnutí, které Ministerstvo spravedlnosti (MSp) udělalo.
Všechny služby musí splňovat Standard pro digital by default služby, proti kterému budou vyhodnocovány.
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7 weeks ago by garcon

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