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Two Days of Weather Predicted in Just 20 Minutes in SC18 Demo | NVIDIA Blog
Behind the scenes, the GPU-accelerated COSMO model was running on a domain from the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology, known as MeteoSwiss, with enormous computing requirements. A 24-hour forecast created using the COSMO-1 model requires more than 4 quadrillion computing operations. COSMO-1 forecasts are initiated eight times a day, every three hours.

The demo’s visualization is further supported by using ParaView, an open-source visualization tool recently enhanced with ray-tracing capabilities using NVIDIA OptiX to take advantage of the latest NVIDIA Turing GPUs, including the Quadro RTX 6000.
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yesterday by aries1988
The Metal Framework
Collection of Metal specific 3D programming tutorials with source code
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