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“Every month or so, someone will ask me what happened to Larrabee and why it failed so badly. And I then try to explain to them that not only didn't it fail, it was a pretty huge success. And they are understandably very puzzled by this, because in the public consciousness Larrabee was like the Itanic and the SPU rolled into one, wasn't it? Well, not quite. So rather than explain it in person a whole bunch more times, I thought I should write it down.”
intel  c86  larrabee  gpu  mic  gpgpu  knights 
yesterday by danhon
Accelerate performance and breathe new life into existing systems with a flexible and easy to use solution. ZOTAC AMP BOX Mini is one of the smallest Thunderbolt™ 3 expansion boxes that offers any Thunderbolt 3 equipped Mini PC, Notebook, or Desktop PC an instant and powerful storage supplement with a fast NVMe PCIe SSD in place.
gpu  hardware  chassi 
2 days ago by mikael
Numpy on GPU
python  GPU 
2 days ago by lxp121
Blackmagic eGPU | Blackmagic Design
Prepackaged AMD Radeon eGPU for macs.
eGPU  external  GPU  chassis  thunderbolt  USB  3.1  mac  OSX  AMD  Radeon 
2 days ago by asteroza

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