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Distinguishing coloring - Wikipedia
It's fascinating to realize that if instead of color, you had three keys with those little plastic edge thickeners instead of paint, you could place the keys and keyring behind your back and always pick any key called for.
graph  theory  six_keys 
yesterday by brentfarwick
complex embeddings for link prediction
a paper by Riedel on named-entity resolution and knowledge bases
names  ner  resolution  linking  nlp  knowledge  graph 
2 days ago by tswaterman
Viz.js — Graphviz in your browser. Read more at the GitHub repository.
graph  graphviz  visualization  tools  graphing 
3 days ago by tylerham
Neo4j : Understanding how MERGE works - Neo4j Graph Database Platform
Very useful explanation of the correct way to modify a graph database without accidentally creating duplicate nodes or links. Use of the MERGE command can be very subtle and it would be all too easy to ruin the integrity/accuracy of your Graph.
neo4j  graph  MERGE  Cypher  data  Database  howto  manual 
3 days ago by searchmeister

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