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GraphQL Nexus - Simple, Scalable, Type-Safe, Programmatic GraphQL Schema Construction
Simple, strongly typed GraphQL schema construction for TypeScript/JavaScript

Combines the best practices from building real-world GraphQL servers without the boilerplate or excessive imports.
GraphQL  JS  server  Typescript  schema  opensource  API 
yesterday by liqweed
The interesting ideas in Datasette
Publishing read-only data

Datasette provides a read-only API to your data. It makes no attempt to deal with writes. Avoiding writes entirely is fundamental to a plethora of interesting properties, many of which are expanded on further below. In brief:

Hosting web applications with no read/write persistence requirements is incredibly cheap in 2018—often free (both ZEIT Now and a Heroku have generous free tiers). This is a big deal: even having to pay a few dollars a month is enough to dicentivise sharing data, since now you have to figure out who will pay and ensure the payments don’t expire in the future.
Being read-only makes it trivial to scale: just add more instances, each with their own copy of the data. All of the hard problems in scaling web applications that relate to writable data stores can be skipped entirely.
Since the database file is opened using SQLite’s immutable mode, we can accept arbitrary SQL queries with no risk of them corrupting the data.
sqlite  GraphQL  sql  query 
2 days ago by euler
[レポート] ng-kyoto Angular Meetup #9 に参加してきました #ng_kyoto #angular | DevelopersIO
どうも!大阪オフィスの西村祐二です。 2019/1/18(金)に開催されました「ng-kyoto Angular Meetup #9」に参加してきましたので、レポートにまとめたいと思います。 ng-kyotoとは jav […]
graphql  slide  redux 
3 days ago by oppara
Yelp GraphQL API intro
Yelp has a GraphQL API that is _perfect_ for playing around with graphql without any headache of setting up servers or dealing with authentication
yelp  graphql  api 
3 days ago by spaceninja

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