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Using GraphQL with Golang and a NoSQL Database
A few weeks ago I had mentioned that I was learning about the increasingly popular GraphQL and how it can be a replacement to the common RESTful API. In my previous example, we saw how to create a GraphQL application using Node.js and a Couchbase NoSQL database. However, I’m just as much a fan of the Go programming language as I am of Node.js. We’re going to see how to create an application with Golang that can create and query for data using GraphQL queries rather than several RESTful API endpoints.
golang  graphql 
17 hours ago by danesparza
Practice GraphQL
> Learn GraphQL by querying a schema based on JSON data
tutorials  graphql 
yesterday by FND
graphql servers the easy way
graphql  golang 
yesterday by bmichelsen
Tutorial: How to build a GraphQL server – Apollo GraphQL
Nothing magical, except mocking. Skip to 8&9 - Setting up performance tracing and caching with Apollo Engine.
GraphQL  tutorial  performance  caching 
3 days ago by dandv

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