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ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift}
tl;dr; ripgrep (aka. rg) is the best tool to grep today
rg  ripgrep  grep  cli 
7 days ago by lidel
Learn Git: "git log --grep" and "git grep"
Examples of "git log --grep", "git log -S" and "git grep".
Click the link above to view them.
git  grep  log  search  find  text  pattern  example  from notes
7 days ago by ebouchut
Fun with "git log --grep" - gitster's journal
"Earlier I showed a somewhat advanced feature of git grep command , and hinted that a limited subset of the feature is available also in git log to look for commits that have specified strings in their commit log messages. "
git  log  grep  text  commit  message  search  find  pattern  learn 
7 days ago by ebouchut
ggreer/the_silver_searcher: A code-searching tool similar to ack, but faster.
A code searching tool similar to ack, with a focus on speed.
It ignores file patterns from your .gitignore and .hgignore.
If there are files in your source repo you don't want to search, just add their patterns to a .ignore file. (*cough* *.min.js *cough*)
grep  cli  tools  search  programming 
13 days ago by some_hren
How to deal with NBSPs in a terminal
A non-breaking space (NBSP) is a special kind of whitespace. It's an invisible signal that tells a text-processing program to avoid replacing that space with a linefeed or carriage return.
regex  terminal  shell  grep  unicode  utf8 
17 days ago by dusko

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