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Space in Design Systems – EightShapes – Medium
Artículo acerca de cómo abordar los espacios en los sistemas de diseño design systems
article  designsystems  space  grid 
3 hours ago by gorilas
Progressively Enhanced CSS Layouts: Floats to Flexbox & Grid — SitePoint
how to progressively enhance the model from a float-based layout to flexbox, and then CSS Grid, respectively.
Might be useful if you ever have to convert a float-based layout rather than starting from scratch
webdesign  web  design  flex  flexbox  css  grid  float  layout  column  row 
yesterday by piperh
DevExpress How to Customize Find Panel
Customize the devexpress findcontrol, may be something here for the fields selector. Think the control is part of the grid
devexpress  findcontrol  grid 
5 days ago by cdnewsome
CSS Grid
ready-made css 12-column grid layout, using css grid.
webdesign  web  design  grid  12-column  12  column  layout  responsive  css 
5 days ago by piperh
Grid Calculator by Nicolaj Kirkgaard Nielsen
A simple tool for web and print designers to calculate your grids. Download your grid as illustrator or photoshop files with a pre-made guides ready to go
ux  sketchapp  tool  grid 
6 days ago by ingekuijper
Grid Layout with Scrollable Content View | Codrops
A Masonry-powered grid layout with a motion hover effect on the grid items and a scrollable content view.
webdesign  inspiration  css  grid  gridbased 
7 days ago by Spoof
Create your design system, part 1: Typography
Typography is arguably the essential part of a website. When we think about the content of a web page, we think about words. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to set a typography system in…
css  webdesign  designsystems  webdevelopment  typography  grid  colour  space  icons  buttons 
8 days ago by garrettc

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