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TOAST UI :: Make Your Web Delicious!
Editable grid display. Not sure if built with React etc.
table  grid  Display  Data  JavaScript  ui  Form 
2 hours ago by lost_in_space
The Quirks of CSS Grid and Absolute Positioning
intro: It’s quite possible to use CSS positioning on grid items, just as you would with most other elements. There are one or two quirks, however, ...
webdesign  web  design  layout  position  positioning  absolute  css  grid 
yesterday by piperh
CSS Grid in IE: Debunking Common IE Grid Misconceptions | CSS-Tricks
This is the first in a three-part series all about how to use CSS grid in a way that will work not only in modern browsers but also in Internet Explorer (IE).
webdesign  web  design  layout  css  grid  ie11  ie  explorer  compatibility  fallback 
yesterday by piperh
The City at the Beginning of the World - Archaeology Magazine
The only Maya city with an urban grid may embody a creation myth
maya  city  grid  history  crocodile  religion  america 
yesterday by xer0x

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