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Opinion | Break Up the Liberal City - The New York Times
I respectfully dissent. Yes, for many of their inhabitants, particularly the young and the wealthy, our liberal cities are pleasant places in which to work and play. But if they are diverse in certain ways they are segregated in others, from “whiteopias” like Portland to balkanized cities like D.C. or Chicago. If they are dynamic, they are also so rich — and so rigidly zoned — that the middle class can’t afford to live there and fewer and fewer kids are born inside their gates. If they are fast-growing it’s often a growth intertwined with subsidies and “too big to fail” protection; if they are innovation capitals it’s a form of innovation that generates fewer jobs than past technological advance. If they produce some intellectual ferment they have also cloistered our liberal intelligentsia and actually weakened liberalism politically by concentrating its votes.

So has the heyday of these meritocratic agglomerations actually made America greater? I think not. In the age of the liberal city — dating, one might argue, to the urban recovery of the 1990s — economic growth has been slack, political dysfunction worse, and technological progress slow outside the online sector. Liberalism has become more smug and out-of-touch; conservatism more anti-intellectual and buffoonish. The hive-mind genius supposedly generated by concentrating all the best and the brightest has given us great apps and some fun TV shows to binge-watch, but the 2000s and 2010s haven’t exactly been the Florentine Renaissance.
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Amplitude is the comprehensive product analytics software for web and mobile. Over 12,000 companies use Amplitude to set product strategy, increase key metrics like user engagement, retention, and conversion, and ultimately build better products.
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I upvoted GrowthJob on Product Hunt: The largest job board for marketing and sales professionals.
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Get Free Live Coaching with Leadpages
I upvoted LaunchUp on Product Hunt: Launch your site in 30 seconds 🚀 at November 14, 2018 at 09:37AM
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Get Attention: Brand Building for Startups
I upvoted GET ATTENTION on Product Hunt: Bootstrapped guide to PR, branding, marketing & growth 👀 at November 14, 2018 at 09:36AM
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Do Things That Don't Scale
I upvoted Do Things That Don't Scale on Product Hunt: Discover new unscalable ways to grow your startup at November 14, 2018 at 09:35AM
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" teams should focus on getting the core value out there to the world – getting as many folks as possible to…
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2 days ago by szymon
GitLab's Secret to Multi-Million-Dollar Success: All 350 Employees Work Remotely |
It's a classic story: Tech company goes to Silicon Valley incubator, emerges with a plan, and grows explosively. The only exception is that few of GitLab's employees actually live in the Bay Area.
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2 days ago by xer0x
The First Step - Poem by Constantine P. Cavafy
Achieving the first step is quite an accomplishment.
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2 days ago by ilias
Ian Mathews's answer to What is the saddest truth about smart people? - Quora
Intelligence helped, but resilience was more important.

You had to be comfortable failing over and over, hearing no on a regular basis and making the next phone call anyway. Selling is humbling and you have to check your ego at the door.

But those who master the skill tend to work their way up in a company much faster than someone in a technical role. Without customers, a company has nothing so high value is placed on someone who knows how to find and grow sales.

...The most successful people I know weren’t necessarily the best students. A few spent more time on academic probation than the Dean’s List. They learned that failure wasn’t permanent and could be overcome with hard work.

When nothing comes easy growing up, you embrace the grind in life and business. You expect adversity and plan for it.

When everything comes easy, you fear adversity and avoid situations that could compromise your winning record.
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3 days ago by cmananian

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