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Fear versus growth
What questions and thoughts might we have about an event, and how can we take it in different directions.
tools  framework  growth 
2 days ago by benkutil
Learn to never be wrong.
"To get good at this, you need to master three approaches: listen through questions, define the purpose, and know how to read the room."
career  growth 
4 days ago by look
DIY Psychedelics: Why grow and prepare your own plant medicine
Psychedelic plants that you can grow in your garden and prepare at home.
psilocybin  psychedelics  diy  home_grown  growth  preparation  cultivation 
7 days ago by lgtout
The Untold History of Facebook’s Most Controversial Growth Tool
This gets to a really deep philosophical thing about how we run the product,” he says. He concedes that if users take the hint from PYMK and friend their weak ties, their experience might be somewhat degraded. But there is a more important issue at stake, he argues — the health of the network in general. “We don’t view your experience with the product as a single-player game,” he says. Yes, in the short run, some users might benefit more than others from PYMK friending. But, he contends, all users will benefit if everyone they know winds up on Facebook. We should think of PYMK as kind of a “community tax policy,” he says. Or a redistribution of wealth. “If you’re ramped up and having a good life, then you’re going to pay a little bit more in order to make sure that everyone else in the community can get ramped up. I actually think that that approach to building a community is part of why [we have] succeeded and is modeled in a lot of aspects of our society.”
facebook  growth  philosophy 
10 days ago by devin

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