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ZHdK: Symposium
What mailinglist/memo/service am I not on that I keep missing things like this?
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october 2013 by bopuc
Hard Work | Simple Programmer
High and mighty bullshit telling the young ones we suck for not having reality firmly enough by the horns.
grump  work_propoganda  capitalism 
october 2013 by rektide
Roy Greenslade: Loss-making Guardian risks all on 'digital-first'
Of all the pro-Guardian pieces that emerged in the wake of Alan Rusbridger's latest pronouncements, this one has annoyed me most. Others cheerleaders, drawn in by the rhetoric but unable to see the inside of the business, are not fully informed and can be excused their optimism. Roy, on the other hand should know different, but — presumably *because* he works for the Guardian — has delivered a piece of craven analysis that tries to justify obvious mistakes and glosses over the talents and achievements of the staff who already work there.
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june 2011 by bojo
Grumpy Old Programmer :: What do Grumpy Old Programmers believe?
I am a grumpy old person who does a little programming, myself.
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august 2005 by ignatz
Lee Lady: Suicide Prevention Notes
how to be a good samaritan. author seems to be an interesting and impressive person, with notes on ezra pound and maths
grump  toread  poetry  pound 
may 2005 by perspectivelute

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