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'His suicide shocked the world': Maria Schrader on her Oscar-nominated film about Stefan Zweig
The Jewish writer fled the Nazis and fell in love with his new home, a tropical paradise in Brazil. Can we ever know why he took his life? The director of a new biopic talks about the agony of the exile..At the end of the press conference in Schrader’s film, Zweig is asked if he has any hope for Europe. For once, he isn’t overcome by Lot’s Wife’s syndrome, but imagines a hopeful future. “I believe in a free Europe,” he says. “I believe that borders and passports will one day be history, but I doubt I’ll be there to experience it.”He wasn’t. And as for a European continent without borders that Stefan Zweig dreamed of in 1941, it seems very unlikely any of us will be around to see that.
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3 days ago by thomas.kochi

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