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Revealed: the areas in the UK with one Airbnb for every four homes | Airbnb | The Guardian
The Guardian cross-referenced a database of more than 250,000 Airbnb listings with government housing stock figures to calculate the “penetration rate” of Airbnbs in 8,000 areas across England, Wales and Scotland. Across the whole of Great Britain, there were 0.8 Airbnb listings for every 100 homes.
Listings data – covering the six months to January – was provided by Inside Airbnb, a non-commercial project that aims to highlight the impact of the service on residential housing markets.
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Splendid isolation: how I stopped time by sitting in a forest for 24 hours | News | The Guardian
My life seemed to be getting busier, faster: I felt constantly short of time – so I stepped outside it for a day and a night and did nothing. By It was early summer, and I was on the verge of turning 40. I found myself entertaining a recurring daydream of escaping from time.
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Pocket rocket Tom Pidcock stirs up the world of cyclo-cross | Tim Lewis | Sport | The Guardian
A 20-year-old Briton has caused something of a sensation in a winter sport that can be a lot more fun than road cycling
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Capital in the Twenty-first Century by Thomas Piketty – review | Books | The Guardian
There has been an intense debate about this surprise bestseller. What is the upshot? By Stephanie Flanders.
books  politics  economics  finance  income  social  inequality  review  guardian 
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Leah Croucher's parents renew appeal a year after she vanished | UK news | The Guardian
Milton Keynes

# Leah Croucher's parents renew appeal a year after she vanished #

Teenager went missing while walking to work in Milton Keynes in February 2019

PA Media

Fri 14 Feb 2020 09.41 GMTLast modified on Fri 14 Feb 2020 10.44 GMT

Leah Croucher’s sister Jade, left, and parents John and Claire address the media at Milton Keynes police station. Photograph: Jacob King/PA
The parents of missing Leah Croucher, who disappeared a year ago, have spoken of how their family has been destroyed as they pleaded with anyone who might have information to “do the decent thing” and come forward.

Police say they are unable to rule out that Croucher came to harm after she “effectively vanished into thin air” in Milton Keynes while on her way to work.

Then aged 19, she was last spotted at about 8.15am on Buzzacott Lane, in the Furzton area, on 15 February 2019.

Leah Croucher.
Claire and John Croucher questioned why their daughter would “just disappear” and said they feared she had been abducted, in an anniversary appeal.

“Every day I feel like I’ve given up hope, and it’s a big struggle to get that hope back,” Claire Croucher said. “It’s more and more difficult because, if someone took Leah for example, she’s suffering for 365 days and no one wants that for their child.”

She spoke of how her family’s heartbreak was compounded after the death of Leah’s brother, who she said found the disappearance of his sister “very difficult”.
guardian  news  miltonkeynes  MK 
4 days ago by ndf
Say it with Banksy? Valentine’s gift catapults house to street art fame | Art and design | The Guardian
발렌타인 데이 기념으로 뱅크시의 새 작품으로 추정되는 벽화가 발견, 아직 뱅크시가 직접 자신이 작업한거라고 시인하진 않은 상태라고.
banksy  guardian  mural 
4 days ago by yun
Bye Bye Mongo, Hello Postgres | Hacker News
excellent write up of a migration from mongodb to postgres.
guardian  mongodb  PostgreSQL  Migrations 
5 days ago by colin.jack

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