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Ikea (He)Art Scanner - YouTube
By measuring customers' brain waves and heart rate, IKEA and Social.Lab Brussels made sure you can only buy if you feel it.
brand_ikea  guerrilla  art  retail 
5 weeks ago by JohnDrake
New Coke Is Back. Sort of. - WSJ
Chief Executive James Quincey, who took the top job in 2017, has been pushing his staff to shake off that fear of failure and take more risks. In February, the company introduced its first new flavor of Coca-Cola in more than a decade.

New Coke will be handed out free during the week of June 3 to ticket buyers at the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta and will be dispensed free from an upside-down vending machine set to appear in several cities, starting May 23 in New York.
brand_coke  guerrilla 
may 2019 by JohnDrake
KAWS Floats a Massive Inflatable Sculpture in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour | Colossal
COMPANION, a 121-foot-long inflatable sculpture by street artist KAWS, launched today at Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The reclined, monochrome figure is the largest to date for the American artist, with recent previous iterations of the project installed at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan, and on Seokchon Lake in Seoul, South Korea. The figure was purposefully designed to be in a peaceful repose, its crossed-out eyes gazing at the sky above.
guerillamarketing  guerrilla 
march 2019 by JohnDrake
RT : Hey friends: what are your biggest questions about ? I'm working on a course and want to ma…
research  guerrilla  ux  from twitter
march 2019 by adrianh
An introduction to customer research (a 3,000-word guide) – Econsultancy
Solid #customer #user research how-to guide includes using #ethnographic #research with trad quantitative & qualitative research #CX
customer  user  experience  research  guide  2017  lean  guerrilla  ethnography  survey  focus  group  howto  website  tools  qualitative  quantitative  CRM  csrblogcomment  csr19 
march 2019 by csrollyson
How to make great experiential ads
Everyone agrees that key to the success of these projects is getting them talked about beyond the relatively small immediate audience that actually experiences them. “For me, the way these experiences create return on investment is to become talkable, is to have something that other people feel connected to even if they couldn’t go to it,” says Craig. “You want to see people doing social posts.
teens  customer_experience  guerrilla  planning_JKAF 
february 2019 by JohnDrake
Payless pranks unsuspecting fashionista wannabes | AdAge
Just over a year ago, discount shoe brand Payless was emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a leaner store fleet and fewer debts. Now, it’s punking potential customers by pretending its inexpensive shoes are actually luxury items. The Topeka, Kansas-based Payless recently opened a store called "Palessi" where Payless footwear was marked up from near $20 to $640.

Eager fashionista influencers ate it up; many appeared on camera talking up the attributes of the discount shoes. Payless and its agency DCX Growth Accelerator also filmed their shocked reactions to the truth.
creative_executions_guerrilla  guerillamarketing  pop-up  guerrilla  brand_payless_shoes 
december 2018 by JohnDrake
RT : en ⁦⁩ denken over veel dingen krak hetzelfde Weken geleden hetzelfde getweet. De
guerrilla  Kaaiman  from twitter_favs
october 2018 by gelerobbie
Play-Doh launches online museum of fantastical clay creatures
The campaign was created in partnership with digital production studio Merci-Michel, and follows on from the brand’s In the World of Play-Doh press and poster ads, which were made using only modelling clay. The Gallery of Emerging Species features some of the same imaginary creatures as the posters, but delves into the stories behind them.
brand_playdoh  guerrilla  planning_funko  kids 
april 2018 by JohnDrake
With a $0 Ad Budget, Tesla Just Pulled Off One of the Greatest Marketing Stunts Ever – Adweek
Elon Musk pulled off a double marketing coup on Tuesday with the first successful test launch of his Falcon Heavy rocket, the flagship of his private space-flight company SpaceX, and the subsequent debut of its payload—a Tesla Roadster driven by a dummy nicknamed Starman—as the first car in space.
brand_tesla  pr  guerillamarketing  advertising  creative_executions_guerrilla  guerrilla 
february 2018 by JohnDrake
CIA manual given to the Contras for guerrilla/psyops warfare, recently surfaced via FoIA request
CIA  manual  guerrilla  psyops  warfare  war 
december 2017 by asteroza

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