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sameersbn/docker-browser-box: Dockerized google-chome and tor-browser with audio support via pulseaudio
docker-browser-box - Dockerized google-chome and tor-browser with audio support via pulseaudio
browser  docker  howto  gui 
6 hours ago by renaudjx
Bret Victor, beast of burden
Victor says that he pursues a principle of reducing the constraints our tools place on the realization of ideas. Per David Ricciardelli.
visualization  design  softwareDevelopment  GUI 
yesterday by JJLDickinson
30 great UI Kits for iOS engineers – Flawless App Stories – Medium
Free goodies for those of you who work with UI design or want to start. Check these 30+ iOS 11 UI kits & design tips!
resource  sketch  toolkit  design  GUI  ios  templates  programming  programing  developer  development 
2 days ago by jsam
Learning to program is getting harder
... because modern computers (as opposed to home computers like the C64) don't start with a commandline-based programming environment, don't come with programming environments by default and have too much information hidden behind a GUI
gui  history  training  programming  IDE  software 
4 days ago by archangel
GUI in docker. Będę image.
go  ui  docker  gui 
4 days ago by hayzer
Home · eugenkiss/7guis Wiki
A set of generic GUI apps that can be used as benchmark implementation comparisons for different UI frameworks: counter, temp converter, flight booker, timer, CRUD, circle drawer, and cells .
programming  gui  example  apps  comparison  usability  benchmark 
4 days ago by acemarke

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