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“What If…? Safety Handbook for Women Journalists”
In this handbook, we consider the different categories of media women: there are international women journalists who operate in countries with cultures that differ from their own, regional journalists who travel to a neighbouring country, and local journalists and citizen journalists whose treatment reflects the gender norms of their own society. This latter category suffers the most because conflicts and wars happen in their hometowns, involving people they might know. We address journalists who work in media houses and freelancers – and the vastly different financial and support resources available to journalists in these different categories.
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11 hours ago by paulbradshaw
A Developer’s Guide to Better Accessibility - 24 Accessibility
Sean Massa and Melanie Sumner illustrate some core accessibility best practices that developers can take to make their work more accessible.
a11y  accessibility  tips  aria  fridayfrontend  guidelines  rules 
5 days ago by stephenjang
A Developer’s Guide to Better Accessibility
"In your day-to-day work, you can improve the accessibility of your output by learning and following the Five Rules of ARIA. Following these rules will get you pretty far in your goal of building an accessible web application, but you also need to test your work."
fridayfrontend  accessibility  tips  guidelines  rules  aria 
6 days ago by spaceninja
TOGAF Part III - ADM Guidelines and Techniques
19.Applying Iteration to the ADM
20.Applying the ADM at different Enterprise Levels
21.Security Architecture and the ADM
22.Using TOGAF to define and Govern SOAs
23.Architecture Principles
24.Architecture Stakeholder Management
25.Architecture Patterns
26.Business Scenarios
27.Gap Analysis
28.Migration Planning Techniques
29.Interoperability Requirements
30.Business Transformation Readiness Assessment
31.Risk Management
32.Capability-Based Planning
togaf  adm  guidelines  techniques 
7 days ago by bharrison

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