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Welcome to Favorite Classics | A camera repair resource with articles, manuals, message forum
Every camera featured on this site is personally owned by one (or both) of the contributors. And further each of these cameras was purchased in need of various degrees of repair. To us a pristine old camera just doesn’t have the attraction…or mystic…that one with a few scrapes and scratches possesses. There is an old saying about two kinds of interesting people: Men with a future and women with a past. Indeed, it is their past that makes these old cameras so interesting.

Neither of us are in the camera repair business; nor do we wish to represent ourselves as experts. We are definitely not. Simply put, we think old cameras are fun to tinker with but they are not economically feasible to have repaired.

We both shoot Canon EOS but enjoy the feel of fine old metal cameras in our hands. But frankly, it is very difficult to find a perfectly working camera 30+ years old. So we simply found ones we liked, learned about them and revived them. Information on cameras this old is hard to locate. We know! We’ve looked. Now we wish to share what we have found.

This site is totally non-profit. We ask for nothing but we would appreciate your sharing any knowledge/photos/tech info you may have, not only on the cameras presented here but on any you may think we might be interested in. Both of us, of course, have other old cameras not displayed.
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3 days ago by abetancort
Securing My Digital Life: GPG, Yubikey, & SSH on macOS
I wrote previously about trying to secure my digital life. I’ve spent some time covering researching ideas and talking to others. It was clear to me that moving to PGP via GnuPG was the first step. I could use PGP together with my YubiKey (Neo model) to secure large parts of my digital life. This post details how I achieved my desired end state
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9 days ago by dlkinney
drduh/YubiKey-Guide: Guide to using YubiKey as a SmartCard for GPG and SSH
This is a practical guide to using YubiKey as a SmartCard for storing GPG encryption and signing keys. An authentication key can also be created for SSH and used with gpg-agent. Keys stored on a smartcard like YubiKey seem more difficult to steal than ones stored on disk, and are convenient for everyday use. Instructions written for Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) using YubiKey 4 in OTP+CCID mode, updated to GPG version 2.2.1. Some notes are included for macOS as well. Note, older YubiKeys are limited to 2048 bit RSA keys. Debian live install images are available from here and are suitable for writing to USB drives. Programming YubiKey for GPG keys still lets you use its two slots - OTP and static password modes, for example.
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9 days ago by dlkinney

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