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Ranky Tanky :: O Death :: Live at Philadelphia Folk Festival - 8/19/17 @ YouTube
From the South Carolina low-country, where life is laced with African ways, comes Ranky Tanky, a quintet with music rooted in Gullah culture. Descendants of enslaved Africans isolated on the southeastern Sea Islands, Gullah is a unique mix of African and English that has shaped American art, food, language, and attitude. Translated loosely as "Get Funky!" Ranky Tanky updates traditional Gullah game songs, spirituals, and shouts with gospel vocals, jazz trumpet, and an R&B rhythm section.
music  folk  rankytanky  african  gullah 
august 2019 by cyberchucktx
Haint Blue, the Ghost-Tricking Color of Southern Homes and Gullah Folktales - The Awl
On the practice of painting porch ceilings "haint blue," a light blue color, to deceive vengeful spirits. The idea is drawn from Gullah folklore.
history  design  culture  color  gullah  south  race 
december 2018 by johnmfrench
Wikipedia - Hoodoo (folk magic)
"African American Hoodoo (also known as "conjure", "rootworking", "root doctoring", or "working the root")."
root  Wikipedia  Hoodoo  magic  folk  WestAfrica  Congo  Benin  Togo  Nigeria  Gullah  cosmology 
july 2018 by cosmic
Gullah Geechee origins of a folk song / spiritual
music  blackhistory  gullah  geechee  kumbaya 
february 2018 by nelson
Cornelia Bailey obit
Geechee matriarch of Georgia. /cc @kellegous
geechee  gullah  georgia  south  islands  africa  slavery  history  obituary 
november 2017 by nelson
Julie Dash Made a Movie. Then Hollywood Shut Her Out.
NOV. 18, 2016 | The New York Times| By CARA BUCKLEY.

Julie Dash’s 1991 film, “Daughters of the Dust”, about Gullah women on the Sea Islands off the Southeastern United States in the early 1900s who are tugged north by the Great Migration, celebrated its 25th anniversary....Along with reveling in the film’s restoration, rerelease and Beyoncé-borne attention, Ms. Dash was recently inducted, to her delight, into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as part of its effort to diversify its membership....Ms. Dash is still having trouble getting through the door. The agent she eventually ended up with died years ago, and for all her efforts, she said, she has not been able to get another one since.
'90s  African-Americans  anniversaries  Beyoncé  exclusion  filmmakers  films  Great_Migration  Gullah  Hollywood  marginalization  movies  storytelling  trailblazers  women 
november 2016 by jerryking

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