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Héric (44) : un chasseur placé en garde à vue
Un chasseur a fait usage de son fusil de chasse après que son chien ait été renversé par une automobiliste ce dimanche après-midi à Héric au nord de Nantes. Il aurait tiré deux ou trois coups. A ce moment là il était sous l'emprise de l'alcool. Il a été placé en garde à vue. L'automobiliste qui a percuté l'animal a trouvé refuge, effrayée, dans le camping de la commune.
crash_report  france  guncontrol  police  driving 
11 weeks ago by juliusbeezer
The ‘Good Guy With the Gun’ Is Never Black – Rolling Stone
The deaths of Emantic Bradford and Jemel Roberson remind us who the Second Amendment protects
newswire  guncontrol 
11 weeks ago by kejadlen
Opinion | It’s Time to Talk About the N.R.A. - The New York Times
The NRA is a gun advertisement firm dressed up like a gun safety group to sell more guns to the gullible.
guncontrol  politesociety 
12 weeks ago by JaymesRS
The NRA's latest budget cut: the office coffee — Quartz at Work
It turns out the cutback is merely the latest piece of evidence that the NRA is short on cash. In what gun-regulation advocates will read as a hopeful sign, membership fees were reportedly down by $35 million in 2017, and total assets dropped from $217 million to $196 million.
NRA  guns  guncontrol  decline  revenues  Quartz  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral

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