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Why I “Need” an AR-15 – Jon Stokes – Medium
Great article on the AR-15 and why it is the best all purpose rifle for most uses and most people that's currently available.
firearms  guns  guncontrol  ar15 
3 hours ago by edj
Why Obama’s Smart Gun Push Will Misfire | TechCrunch
Jon Stokes piece on the numerous flaws with the smart gun concept.
firearms  guns  guncontrol  technology 
3 hours ago by edj
US child firearm injuries
Peer reviewed study with basic numbers from CDC researchers
guns  politics  guncontrol  america  kids  children 
23 hours ago by nelson
Dear NRA, It's Time to Take Away Everyone's Gun
“I’m finished trying to reason with you. So now I, a guy who was ambivalent about guns just a few years ago, want to take your guns away. All of them. I want to take them all and melt them down and shape them into a giant sphere and then push it at you so you have to run away from it like Indiana Jones for the rest of your lives. I want Ted Nugent to roam the halls of his gunless house, sighing wearily until he dies. I want to end this thing once and for all, so that all of you who have prioritized the sale of guns over the lives of children have to sit quietly and think about what you’ve done. God help me, I want to take all of your guns out of your hands, by myself, right now.”
2ndamendment  guncontrol  guns  secondamendment  santafe 
2 days ago by djwudi

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