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Introducing the GoodWatch - A Good Watch
Gutting a Casio calculator watch to put a MSP430 inside
electronics  hack  watches  pmz  radio 
yesterday by mechazoidal
Magic Lantern | Home
Magic Lantern is a free firmware addon for Canon EOS DSLR cameras that adds a host of features to assist photographers and videographers. Unlock your Canon DSLR.
magic  lantern  canon  software  dslr  hack  hacks  camera 
2 days ago by starpause
The Science of When: Hack Your Timing to Optimize Your Life | WIRED
SCHEDULE SURGERIES, EARNINGS calls, and therapy appointments before noon. Score the biggest bucks by switching jobs every three to five years. The ideal age to get hitched (and avoid divorce): 32. In his new book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Daniel Pink scours psychological, biological, and economic studies to explore what he calls the overlooked dimension. “Timing exerts an incredible effect on what we do and how we do it,” he says. Now that the science of “when” is finally getting its due, Pink shares some temporal hacks to optimize your life.
optimize  hack  science 
3 days ago by rgl7194
Wet String Internet
You can make a broadband connection using wet string?!
hack  funny  internet 
3 days ago by LinkChef
It's official: ADSL works over wet string • RevK's rants
<p>Broadband services are a wonderful innovation of our time, using multiple frequency bands (hence the name) to carry signals over wires (usually copper, sometimes aluminium). One of the key aspects of the technology is its ability to adapt to the length and characteristics of the line on which it is deployed.

We have seen faults on broadband circuits that manifest as the system adapting to much lower speeds, this is a key factor as a service can work, but unusually slowly, over very bad lines.

It has always been said that ADSL will work over a bit of wet string.

Well one of our techies ( took it upon himself to try it today at the office, and well done.

He got some proper string, and made it wet...</p>

Flipping biscuits, he got 3.5Mbps down. That's <em>more than I get at home.</em>
adsl  hack 
4 days ago by charlesarthur
RT : Day 13 of my 24 🎅 themed challenge!
" Controlled Christmas Lights" Easy using…
hack  Christmas  STEM  maker  IoT  from twitter_favs
4 days ago by pipthepixie

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