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HACKED!: Old Laptop Battery Becomes A Power Bank | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
HACKED!: Previous notebook battery becomes a Electrical power lender Preceding online video: Facebook: Twitter: Assistance me for extra films: Extra undertaking information and facts (pics, parts listing,….) on Instructables: power-Lender Areas: (choose a look at the Instructables posting for ebay one-way links): 1x TP4056: 1x Micro USB Breakout: […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Technology  battery  Charge  Convert  diy  Hack  Hacked  how-to  Laptop  li  ion  liion  lithium  old  Phone  charger  power  bank  powerbank  tutorial 
6 hours ago by wotek
‘You Are Fake News!’ – Trump Blackballs CNN’s Acosta | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
‘You are phony news!’ – Trump blackballs CNN’s Acosta President-elect Donald Trump termed BuzzFeed a ‘failing pile of garbage’ about the report that Moscow has been blackmailing him about past intercourse adventures in Russia. He also refused to remedy a query from CNN, a different outlet that published the report – Go through More […]
IFTTT  WordPress  News  Clinton  cnn  dnc  Fake  Great  Wall  Hack  Legacy  make  America  again  Obama  putin  Rt  Russia  Today  Security  serv...  Trump  tower  Ttrump  White  House 
14 hours ago by wotek
Small $500 device shown to brute force hack iPhone 7 lock screen passcodes, but could take days to work
The hack was demonstrated on video by YouTuber "EverythingApplePro," who noted that the exploit does not work on older devices like an iPhone 6s or iPhone SE. In addition, it's specific to iOS 10.3.3 or the latest iOS 11 beta.

The hardware is sandwiched between two panes of glass, and features three full-size USB ports to attempt to crack three iPhone 7 units at a time. It also has a micro USB port and even an Apple Lightning port that can be used to power the hardware.

As for how it works, the hack apparently takes advantage of the update process in iOS.

"They found a loophole in the data recovery state that allows you to use as many passcode attempts as you want," the YouTube creator explained.

If the iPhone 7 is running an earlier version of iOS 10, it must be updated to iOS 10.3.3 for the hack to work. And if the device is running the latest firmware, an update to iOS 11 beta will also do the trick.

Interestingly, a download from iOS 11 beta to iOS 10.3.3 is also a suitable way for the crack to work, meaning virtually any iPhone 7 would be vulnerable —if, of course, a hacker were to get their hands on the phone, and also have the $500 device.

While such updates or software downgrades usually require the user to unlock their iPhone, another hack is utilized to get around that requirement.
hack  sicurezza  hardware  usb  iphone  spunti  ios  ios10  ios11 
yesterday by nicoladagostino
How To Make An ATM Spew Out Money | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
How to Make an ATM Spew Out Revenue Barnaby Jack, director of security testing at the computer system security corporation IOActive, demonstrates how to hack an ATM to make it dispense dollars. How to Make an ATM Spew Out Revenue
IFTTT  WordPress  How  to  atm  Hack  MIT  Money  Security  software  Technology  review 
yesterday by wotek
How To Cut An Onion Life Hacks | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
How to lower an Onion Everyday living Hacks How to slice onions rapid. Make your lifestyle less complicated employing a hair decide on to hold fruit and veg while you lower it. Make onion rings, lower even slices and continue to keep your fingers away from the knife blade. Extra Straightforward Foods Hacks – […]
IFTTT  WordPress  How  to  cooking  cut  fast  eat  food  fruit  Hack  hair  how-to  kitchen  Life  Hacks  make  Onion  rings  pick  recipe  Trick  Veg  vegtables 
2 days ago by wotek
Hunter Rifle Vs Noisy Cricket – Respawnables | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Hunter Rifle vs Noisy Cricket – Respawnables Hunter Rifle vs a noisy cricket noob. This was back when noisy cricket was the most OP gun in the game. Experienced hugs destruction radius and extended length. It a person shot most people. Hunter Rifle vs Noisy Cricket – Respawnables
IFTTT  WordPress  Sport  Cricket  Hunter  Rifle  newblife  Noisy  re...  respawanbles  gold  respawnables  cash  Double  Barrel  Shotgun  hack  Howitzer 
2 days ago by wotek
Overwatch Zombie game
Amazing hack involving watching the screen in spectator mode to implement a new game
games  overwatch  hack  mods 
2 days ago by nelson
Malware : de l'ADN pour pirater un ordinateur
Des chercheurs viennent de montrer qu'un ordinateur pouvait être piraté grâce à un code malveillant caché dans un brin d'ADN synthétique.
2 days ago by caeypi
HBO aurait proposé 250 000 dollars à ses hackers dans un e-mail
La chaîne américaine n’en a pas fini avec ses hackers et aurait même tenté de les contrer en leur faisant miroiter une proposition de rançon, afin de gagner du temps et mesurer l’étendue du piratage.
2 days ago by caeypi
Le développement de Swift 5 est officiellement lancé | MacGeneration
Maintenant que Swift 4 est finalisé et dans les mains de tous les développeurs, Apple a lancé les travaux pour Swift 5. Cette mise à jour majeure de son langage de développement sortira l’année prochaine, avec iOS 12 et macOS 10.
2 days ago by caeypi
Zeus - Un script qui va vous aider à sécuriser votre AWS - Korben
Si vous utilisez AWS (Amazon WebServices) et que vous voulez vérifier que niveau sécurité, ce n’est pas trop la cata, je vous propose d'utiliser Zeus. Cet outil écrit en python est destiné à contrôler et sécuriser la config d'AWS EC2 / S3 / CloudTrail / CloudWatch / KMS.
2 days ago by caeypi
DIY | How To SLAY A Furniture Makeover!!!! | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Do-it-yourself | How To SLAY a Home furniture Makeover!!!! Hey Enjoys!! In this movie, I will share how I remodeled this aged dresser into a new and up to date enjoyment center for my first home furniture consumer! Thumbs up for more home furniture makeovers!! Paint Color: BEHR Dried Chive Stain Color: Normal Finishes Java […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Furniture  diy  makeover  dresser  hack  goodwi...  goodwill  priming  sanding 
2 days ago by wotek

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