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Game-Changing Method of Precise Sales Targeting: Introducing the Google Search Box : sales
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Not just the main post, but people mention other tools in the comments:

- SalesNav (pay tool from LinkedIn)
- (pay site)
- Download hiretual’s free Boolean builder and do this without the learning curve
- (I've previously heard of this from Josh Fechter)
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4 days ago by daguti
Buy new storage furniture legs for IKEA - Prettypegs
Upgrade your storage furniture with new legs. Our replacement legs fits perfect for various brands - such as IKEA.
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4 days ago by bruno
erxes Inc | Open Source Growth Marketing Platform
Hot new product on Product Hunt: erxes Growth Hacking — Open Source growth hacking software
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6 days ago by Soc201
D-Link Home Routers Open to Remote Takeover Will Remain Unpatched | Threatpost
CVE-2019-16920 allows remote unauthenticated attackers to execute code on a target device.
dlink  router  hack  code  cve-2019-16920  d-link  end  execution  hacks  home  life  malware  mobile  of  privacy  remote  routers  security  unpatched  vulnerabilities  web 
7 days ago by xer0x
لا تفوت الفرصة خدع انستقرام 2019 (خدع رهيبة تسمع بها لاول مرة)
<a rel="nofollow" href="">لا تفوت الفرصة خدع انستقرام 2019 (خدع رهيبة تسمع بها لاول مرة)</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">لا تفوت الفرصة خدع انستقرام 2019 (خدع رهيبة تسمع بها لاول مرة)</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">لا تفوت الفرصة خدع انستقرام 2019 (خدع رهيبة تسمع بها لاول مرة)</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a>
<p>لا تفوت الفرصة خدع انستقرام 2019 (خدع رهيبة تسمع بها لاول مرة) لا تفوت الفرصة خدع انستقرام 2019 (خدع رهيبة تسمع بها لاول مرة). في هذا الفيديو، سأريك خدع انستقرام 2019 (خدع تسمع… خدع انستقرام 2019,انستجرام,2019 Instagram Tricks,خدع,2019,ستوري,انستجرام ستوري,متابعين,انسقرام,حركات انستجرام,instagram,instagram hacks,خدع انستجرام ستوري,خدع تصوير انستجرام,خدع لزيادة متابعي انستجرام,ستوري انستجرام ٢٠١٩,مقاطع انستجرام,انستا,خفايا الانستجرام,نصائح للانستجرام,جمال,story,tips,stories,Hayls,World,hacks,tricks,hidden,features,you,probably,didn’t,know!,make,better,collage,cool,secrets,Tips,Tricks,boomerang,Instagram,Story,facebook      انستقرام  […]</p>
<p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">لا تفوت الفرصة خدع انستقرام 2019 (خدع رهيبة تسمع بها لاول مرة)</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a>.</p><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
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12 days ago by snapeplus
Working with Motion Photos - AndroidPub
Some important things to know, which are generally applicable:

"Then we discover that at the end of the JPEG photo there is a MP4 video (on the image below we can find ftypmp42, which indicates the start of a MP4 video)"

You can open a video file with a hex editor.

"Because the file starts with the JPEG, apps can open it as a regular photo. But if we want to get the video, then we need to know the offset at which it’s located (which is equal to the image size, which is obviously different from the file size, since it includes both the photo and the video).

Luckily for us, inspecting the EXIF data reveals a “Micro Video Offset” key which offers exactly the value we wanted (the offset is from the end of the file).

"Extracting the video
On a UNIX system we can use dd to extract the video from the Motion Photos. Since the offset is from the end of the file, we need to calculate (file-size — offset from EXIF) and pass it as bs argument to dd

dd if=MVIMG_xxxxxxxx_xxxxxx.jpg of=video.mp4 bs=3239850 skip=1

If we view the video details with mediainfo, we discover some interesting things, like the video is recorded at 25 fps."
google-photos  hacks 
12 days ago by daguti
JSON originally had comments. They were removed
Oh christ. This is some terrible logic from Douglas Crockford:

Comments in JSON (Apr 30, 2012)

I removed comments from JSON because I saw people were using them to hold parsing directives, a practice which would have destroyed interoperability. I know that the lack of comments makes some people sad, but it shouldn't.

Suppose you are using JSON to keep configuration files, which you would like to annotate. Go ahead and insert all the comments you like. Then pipe it through JSMin before handing it to your JSON parser.

I've never even _heard_ of JSMin. Meanwhile various tools which chose to use JSON as a configuration file format work around this crappy decision with messy hacks.
hacks  json  bad-decisions  design  apis  configuration  file-formats  javascript  douglas-crockford  fail  jsmin  parsing  comments 
14 days ago by jm
How to Check if System Integrity Protection (SIP) is Enabled on Mac
Mac users can also check if System Integrity Protection is enabled or disabled by referring to the System Information tool found in MacOS:

1 Open the /Applications/ folder and then go to /Utilities/
2. Open the “System Information” application (you can also get there by holding Option key and clicking the  Apple menu to choose “System Information”)
3. Scroll down the left side list and choose “Software”
4. Look for “System Integrity Protection” on the right side, and whether or not you see an “Enabled” or “Disabled” message alongside that

[Alternatively] Type the following into the command line, then hit return:
csrutil status
You will see one of the following messages, indicating the status of SIP on that Mac:
If SIP is on – “System Integrity Protection status: enabled.”
If SIP is off – “System Integrity Protection status: disabled.”
mac  macintosh  macos  macosx  osx  hacks  via:nicoladagostino 
16 days ago by posthumanist

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