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A win at the rally today... £20/each...
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18 days ago by jasiek
ラヂヲな屋根裏部屋~ラヂオと無線と山と自転車と - Yahoo!ブログ
BCLやアマチュア無線(JN1NCB)、デジ簡や特小無線(グンマMO919)、自転車の話などの趣味の話や家族の出来事を書き込んでいます。 (BCL 無線 自転車)(ラヂヲな屋根裏部屋~ラヂオと無線と山と自転車と)
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27 days ago by dcowhig
Mini-APRS-Transceiver | Wifi UMTS/3G GSM Antennas, Radio Amateur Antenna, coaxial cables assemblies, radio accessories
'Worlds smallest APRS transceiver with TNC' offers many applications. Matchbox-sized, built-in GPS receiver.
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5 weeks ago by neurodyne
AA5TB - Small Loop Antennas
Small transmitting loop antennas by AA5TB.
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5 weeks ago by bjbishop

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