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80 Years with E F Johnson | content content from Urgent Communications
“It has always been a major objective of the company to so manage our affairs as to bring credit and progress and prosperity to our home community,” Johnson wrote on the 50th anniversary of the company.

And Johnson provided opportunities that otherwise would not have been available.

“I just think I was really lucky,” said 40-year employee Kay Sammon, who started in the payroll department in 1963. “Back then there just weren't that many opportunities for women in small towns who were pretty good with math and went to business college.”

She added that the company has always had a sense of mission, and with the new emphasis on homeland security, Project 25 and interoperability for public safety communications, “we are in the business of saving lives.”
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Military Radio “Field Day” 2018 | N6CC
Military Radio “Field Day” 2018
Posted by Tim On June 25th, 2018 / 10 Comments

AFTER ACTION REPORT – Updated 7/13/18

40 & 80, low dipoles, 20 watts plenty
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AMPRNet - Wikipedia
The Internet protocol (IP) addresses in this block are in the network and are available to any licensed amateur radio operator.[1] The assigning of addresses is done by volunteer coordinators with the proviso "we do not provide the same level of response as a commercial organisation." These addresses can possibly be made routable over the Internet if fully coordinated with the volunteer administrators. Radio amateurs wanting to request IP addresses within the 44/8 network should visit the AMPRNet Portal.[2]
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Ha ha, just found a post-it note from Bex on my DUBUS magazine...
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