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Mark Cuban owns just a handful of stocks and 'a whole lot of cash'
Mark Cuban owns just a handful of stocks and 'a whole lot of cash'
"I'm down to maybe four dividend-owning stocks, two shorts, and Amazon and Netflix," the billionaire says.
Matthew J. Belvedere
Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban told CNBC on Monday that he's holding much more cash than he normally does because he's concerned about the stock market and U.S debt levels.
"I'm down to maybe four dividend-owning stocks, two shorts, and Amazon and Netflix. I've got a whole lot of cash on the sidelines," Cuban said on "Fast Money Halftime Report." "[I'm] ready, willing and able if something happens" to invest.
Cuban said Amazon and Netflix are his biggest holdings. But he refused to reveal his short positions, the stocks that he's betting against. "I'll keep that to myself."
"Put aside tariffs, put aside what the president is doing, he's got his reasons," said Cuban, an outspoken critic of Donald Trump as a candidate and as president. "There just no way where you can say, 'I just trust everything that's going on.' And that concerns me."
"We borrowed from the future to kind of pump up the current market," said Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. Running up the national debt is just as bad as the Federal Reserve continuing historically low interest rates much longer than needed after the 2008 financial crisis, he contended.
"If I get a feeling that [economic] growth will continue at 4-plus percent and the debt will then come down, then I'll get back into the market," said Cuban.
The "Shark Tank" investor provided no update in Monday's CNBC interview on whether he might run for the White House in 2020. Asked in June whether he's given more thought to running, Cuban told The New York Times via email then, "Yes. But not willing to discuss at this point."
Disclosure: CNBC owns the exclusive off-network cable rights to "Shark Tank," which features Mark Cuban as a panelist.
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Ukip has three million voters and a handful of MPs. Something has to change Ukip #Ukip | hot top breaking au news | Pinterest
Ukip has three million voters and a handful of MPs. Something has to change Ukip #Ukip | hot top breaking au news | Pinterest Ukip has three million voters and a handful of MPs. Something has to change Ukip #Ukip from gima2327, May 08, 2015 at 08:26PM, gima2327, Twitter May 08, 2015 at 08:38PM
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$207 Strands, the $60 summer suit, & more – The Thursday Handful
Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Lord & Taylor:  Extra 20% off w/ EXTRA
The Kenilworth, a Bruno Magli, and two Park Ave.

The Picks: Allen Edmonds Kenilworth – $177 ($295), Bruno Magli Miaoco in Brown or Black – $255 ($425) Park Ave. – $207 ($345), Park Ave. in Black – $207 ($345),  Strand – $207 ($345), Citizen Blackout Canvas Strap – $112 ($175)

Big thanks to Tim and Mike for sending in the style tips on this one. You’ll need the 20% off code EXTRA, and a solid handful of Allen Edmonds are already marked down to mid $200s. With the code? You get an outstanding price. They are moving fast though. The Kenilworths are labeled as “Brown”, but they sure look like they’re walnut (full review of the brown burnished here). If you’re the type to do the blues with a blazer and jeans… meet your new standout, simple, high quality shoes. WARNING: It looks like the website has transposed the pics for the Strand and Park Ave. in walnut. Many thanks to Andre W. who reported last night on the Dappered FB Page: “talked with their online chat, advising not to order strands or park aves at the time since they aren’t sure which will ship. They are having their IT look at it currently.”

UPDATE:  The AEs are toast… but the Bruno Maglis are still kicking around.


Gilt:  Brooks Brothers Today (5/9) at Noon ET 
Could be great. Could be the opposite.

The Pick: ?

Brooks Brothers has been showing up with more frequency on the flash sale sites recently, and so far so pretty darn good. If memory serves, they were either on HauteLook or Rue La La in the last few weeks, and they were selling really good looking stuff (like their football leather briefcase) and very tempting prices (I think the brief was in the mid to high $200s?). But you just never know with these things. Could be a total dud.

UPDATE:  Twas a total dud.


jcp:  Extra 15% off w/ GOAHEAD
Size Shown: 38R

The Picks: Claiborne Khaki Cotton Jacket & Matching Pants –  $63.74 ($150), Claiborne Linen Rich Blazer – $54.19 ($85), Stafford Slim Fit Glen Plaid Suit – $144.00 ($180)

One of the seemingly rare exceptions where playing the back to the old ways coupon with JC Penney actually pays off. Seems like most of the time even with a coupon, the prices are higher than what they were under Ron Johnson? This is just dumb for a decent summer suit that you can take to your tailor and have dialed in perfectly. One drawback: The armholes are a little low. Further details over here. UPDATE: Looks like they’re short on sizes for the pants online (not much other than 34 inseam)… Maybe try heading in store for the pants? Haven’t seen this Claiborne “linen rich” blazer in person, but they claim it’s unlined. More on the Glen Plaid suit over here. Anyone else feel like they’re liquidating the Wooster stuff just so they can get back to “normal”?


Sierra Trading Post:  ALHIKE3 = 20% off, ALMAY3 = 25% off $125, 30% off $200
Great looking gunboats.

The Pick: Florsheim Velben in Brown or Grey – $88.80 ($170)

Many thanks to Adam for sending in the tip. Every so often STP will shoot out an extra 30 – 35% off code to their FB fans… so if you’re patient and like them on FB, you could get these for in the mid $70s (like Adam did). But if you want to jump on them now, ALHIKE3 takes 20% off no minimum. Slim and sleek they ain’t, but as far as well made, casual longwings go, these are tops for a reasonable price.

UPDATE:  Use the code  STMM5213 through 5/10 for 35% off.  Drops the price to $71.50 before taxes and shipping.  Hat tip to Mike in the comments.  ALSO… L.A.B. reports in the comments that these run half a size large.  So be warned.


Original Penguin:  30% off Polos w/ POLOS30
One of the more popular colors this year.

The Picks: The Earl in “Neptune Green Heather” – $20.93 ($59)

The mint green (sorry, Neptune Green Heather) shown here is already on sale, and the extra 30% off code POLOS30 puts it down to $21. Heritage slim fit that fits trim but not super skinny. Awesome retro feel with the piping. It’s a pique, but it has a softer more washed feel. Lots of other colors available, and the code drops those to just north of $40. Free shipping kicks in at $75.

UPDATE:  S, M, and L are sold out in the Neptune Green Heather.

Also worth a mention: J. Crew’s sale section is on sale for an additional 30% off w/ SUNSHINE … but selection has been weak so far this week (that might change). Jackthreads has a good sale on Pro-Keds, specifically the suede Royal Master Lo DK in Navy, Grey, and Olive.  Macy’s launched their latest one day sale on Friday.
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The Friday Handful 3/15/13
Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier.  Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look.  Those are what make up these handfuls.  Expect these things when necessary.  Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below.  Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

jcp: $10 off your purchase of $50 or more w/ SPENDIT
Cheap Suede > Cheap Leather

The Picks: Claiborne Suede Oxfords – $50.00 ($60)

Perfect.  They were already a deal at sixty, and the code knocks them down to $50.  Ships free to a local brick and mortar too, if they by chance don’t have your size in store.  Full review here.  Meanwhile, you could also just cherry pick a bunch of jcp and Stafford stuff like the jersey polos and cotton ties.  The deal is also going on in store too, but you’ll need a coupon.  Thanks to Kyle and everyone else who sent in the style tip.  Promotion expires 3/17.


Amazon: Some sort of Orient Watch Blowout going on?
“RODGERS! Discount Diver Check!” (Mako XL & M-Force)

Thanks to Rick for the initial tip on one of these watches.  Ever since Orient Corporate in Japan killed off 50% off codes months ago, 30% off seemed like that was about as good as it was going to get.  Now Amazon (or in these cases, Amazon or watches being at least fulfilled by Amazon) has drastically cut prices, some well more than 50% off, on more than a few Orient models.  Here we go with some picks:

M-Force 2011 in Black – $283 or Orange – $320 ($550 w/ code via Orient)
This is from their upgraded line.  Hackable and hand winding automatic, power reserve indicator, water resistant to 200m, Sapphire crystal… the works.  Bit of a beast at 46mm in diameter.  
Mako XL in Black – $145.00 or Orange - $150.51 or Lum. White – $157.99 ($224 w/ code via Orient)
Expect a full in-person review and giveaway of the black dial version next week.  A larger 44.5mm in diameter, but it doesn’t totally swallow up an average sized wrist.  More over here in the Best Automatic Watch Deals post.
Blue Mako – $119.99 ($199.50 w/ code via Orient)
Full review over here…
Orient Vintage – $221.99 ($325.50 w/ code via Orient)
Online pics don’t do it justice.  Power reserve, champagne textured dial,   exhibition case back.  Real impressive.  Review here.
Orient Symphony – $126.00 ($147 w/ code via Orient)
An entry level, simple, dress auto.

NOTE:  All of these were either being sold direct by Amazon, or at least fulfilled by Amazon (they ship and handle returns) at post time. That of course can change.  Be real careful who you’re buying from online.


GAP: 30% off w/ GAPFRIENDS
Anyone seen either yet? Thoughts?

The Picks?: Tailored Cotton Blazer – $68.50 ($98), 1969 Selvage Straight Fit Jeans – $62.97 ($89.95)

Two items that haven’t been seen in person yet and have gotten mixed reviews.  See the comments section over here for the GAP blazer.  A couple readers in the past have mentioned that GAP’s Selvage is a decent entry level pair? (Personally in the 514s-are-just-fine-for-me camp over here.)  Also, the Banana Republic Friends & Family event is underway, but the exclusions are numerous.


Club Monaco: 20% off $150, 25% off $200 & 30% off $250 w/ code SAVEMORE
High thresholds but 3rd party gear is fair game?

The Picks: Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots – $241.50 ($345), Ernest Alexander Briefcase – $206.50 ($295), Quilted Coaches Jacket – $151.60 ($189.50), The Combo:  Two PJ Polos + Wax Belt – $122.80 

Bad news is there’s a high threshold for that first discount.  The good news is that Club Monaco doesn’t seem to exclude their curated 3rd party merchandise from their sales (apologies in advance if this is the one time when they change that up).  So that’ll take $100 off the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots and get them down to a more palatable price (available in brown or black).  The Ernest Alexander brief goes from almost $300 to just over $200 with the code.  Congrats to them for just being named one of GQ’s best new designers in America.  SAVEMORE expires 3/17.


Dappered Donates: Final Push!
Thanks again to all who bought and sold!

Store Wars starts on Monday, so now would be a good time to thank everyone who’s already cleaned out their closets for Career Gear, and to pre-preemptively thank all of you who are thinking about doing so this weekend.  Many thanks once again to Career Gear for doing what they do.

Also worth a mention:  Giltcity is doing a $75 for $150 in credit at Ledbury deal (thanks to Sean for the tip).  Banana Republic has their f&f 30% off BRFRIENDS code going on, but exclusions are once again lengthy (including blazers).  Rue La La has launched their once a season “Big. Rue. Sale”.  Ralph Lauren is offering free shipping through St. Patrick’s Day with RLLUCK13.  J. Crew’s extra 30% off sale items code GOODNEWS expires today, and this blazer is still getting that discount.  J. Crew Factory’s extra 30% off site wide code STYLESCORE is good through Tuesday, pushing those cotton suits way down to $176.
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The Friday Handful – 2/8/13
Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier.  Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look.  Those are what make up these handfuls.  Expect these things when necessary.  Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below.  Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Express:  $15 off $30, $30 off $75, and $60 off $150 w/ 1036
When’s the derby again?

The Picks: Oxford Photographer Blazer – $118.00 ($178)

Haven’t seen this in person yet, so who knows if it has any sort of sheen to it.  Here’s to hoping it doesn’t.  A spring/summer blazer for sure (check the white buttons) but a nice addition to the Express lineup.  Also intriguing:  The deep blue cotton suit that with the 1036 code would run you $217.90 (before shipping & tax of course).  Efforting an in-person with the jacket and pants.  Code 1036 expires 2/10/13.


Billy Reid: Last Chance for Fall Sale Items
Warning: Splurges ahead.

The Picks: Corduroy Blazer – $209.00 ($595), Cashmere Knit Tie – $68.00 ($135)

For those who put an absolute premium on quality.  A bunch of ties have been added to the sale section, and while you’ll be paying quite a bit more than thetiebar prices, they’re still marked down by quite a bit.  Blazer is made in Italy, has functioning two-button sleeves, and a suede under collar.  Tie is 2.5″ wide, 100% cashmere, and made in Italy.


Jack Spade: New Items added to Sale
The (affordable) cure for the common case.

The Picks: Plaid Wool Slim Brief – $158 ($325), Work Twill Swiss Brief – $183 ($375), Monza leather Credit Card holder in black – $52, or red – $32 ($80)

Watch out for final sale items.  There’s plenty.  But like the (final sale) case above, they might just be worth a shot. Free ground shipping on all orders makes it extra tempting too.  But again, final sale = no returns.


J. Crew:  New items added to sale (and now waitin’ on an extra 30% off code?)
Blazer bonanza.

The Picks: J. Crew Ludlow Italian Tweed w/ Ticket Pocket – $230 ($328), English tweed (no ticket pocket) - $219.00 ($298),  Ludlow brown cord sportcoat – $99 ($138)

Some real nice additions to the J. Crew sale section just arrived and the size selection for this trio of sportcoats is stunningly good (at post time).  But the question is:  are you going to sit and wait for another 30% off code to come along?  What if one doesn’t?  Seems like they sure have shown with some regularity.


Allen Edmonds Outlet: Annual February Factory 2nds Sale, 15% – 50% off
A non-2nds pair of the AE Rutledge.

The Picks: The (imperfect) Rutledge for $249 ($475 retail)

This is an in-store outlet only type of thing, but lots of enterprising guys actually call around to try and land one of these factory 2nds (translation: imperfect) pairs at the deeply discounted prices.  There are some hurdles though.  More on threads over here.  Thanks to Steve, Andrew, and a few others for sending in the style tip.  Sale runs through 2/18.

Also worth a mention: CountyComm has the large Maratac Pilot watch in stock (for now), but the price jumped from $195 to $239.  In other watch news, Christopher Ward is taking 14% off a selection of watches for Valentine’s day w/ the code VAL2013… free shipping too (usually $25 to get it here to the states).  There’s a Valentine’s Day gifts sale going on over at Huckberry for her.  Meanwhile, Banana Republic is doing an additional 25% off sale items in store, and 25% off online with BRNEW25, but the exclusions online are lengthy.  Thanks to Brian T. for the in-store tip.
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The Friday Handful – 1/4/13
Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier.  Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look.  Those are what make up these handfuls.  Expect these things when necessary.  Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below.  Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Johnston & Murphy: Winter Sale
Current balance = leather.

The Pick: Letson Wholecut – $159.99 ($185)

Part of the best looking dress shoes under $200 list, and now the Mahogany calfskin is on sale.  $160 is no tiny price for a bonded shoe, but they’re something else.  One, sleek piece of leather stitched only at the heel, and a medallion at the toe.  Not for everyone, but if you’re into the real sleek look, then these are worth a look.


Banana Republic: 40% off a full priced items w/ coupon
Left: The coupons.  Right: The new blazer.

The Pick: BR Tailored fit birdseye navy blazer – $135 w/ 40% off coupon ($225)

You have to use these little coupons on a Wednesday, and some stores been handing these out with in-store purchases as of late.  Might be worthwhile to drop in and buy a pair of their pima cotton socks in an attempt (attempt) to snag one of these coupon cards.  Hat tip to Bryan Z who sent in the style tip about these.  You fork over one of the coupons on a Wednesday in January, and you get one full priced item for 40% off.  Thinking their new birdseye blazer is well worth the shot.  It appears a bit lighter in the product-specific photos than some of their other images (like the one above)… so… efforting an in person to see what’s more accurate.  Many thanks to BJ who suggested that particular blazer over here.

UPDATE:  Looks like you might not get this coupon card if you buy something this weekend.  See BJ’s comment below.   Thanks again to Bryan Z for sending in the tip about the cards.  Still worth keeping an eye out for that blazer.

UPDATE #2:  Donut reports in the comments that one of the restrictions on these guys is “men’s blazers”.  That’s disappointing if true.  They might exclude heritage and or suits from time to time, but blazers?  Damn.  


Park & Bond: Further Reductions
Sizes are starting to move quick.

The Picks: Spiewak & Sons Block Island Jacket – $87.00, Red Wing Moc Toe work boot in black – $120 or Olive – $120, Jack Spade Card Case – $35

Is the canary in Park & Bond’s coal mine starting to look woozy?  The prices on the Red Wings have plummeted.  Not a bad time to jump over to their sale section and check it out.


L.L. Bean Signature: Winter Sale
A site favorite.

The Picks: Searsport Flannel Suit Jacket + Pant – $260 total

You’ve seen these before.  For those bitter cold areas that are seeing temps dip into the single digits or worse.  It’s thick, it’s got a little scratch to it, and if you layer a sweater underneath you’ll be toasty in almost any conditions.  The sleeve buttons DO function, and they’re a pain since the arms run long.  Available in grey or navy (and be warned: some have complained that the navy pants and jackets don’t match).  A few pitfalls, but if you can dodge em’, it’s fantastic.  Full review here.


Billy Reid: Winter Sale
Left: Once in a lifetime perfect.  Right: Not bad now.

The Picks: Bowery Coat – $680.00, Laptop Sleeve – $116.00 ($165)

Good Grief.  That coat.  It’s like a longer version of the Skyfall peacoat.  That’s a lifetime goal piece of outerwear right there.  Meanwhile, the actually attainable laptop sleeve is for the complete minimalists.  There are two storage pouches on the inside, but that’s it.  Keeping it very simple.

Also worth a mention: jcp has a big clearance going on… might be worth stopping in-store if you’re in the area.  Brooks Brothers has also launched their winter clearance.  Zara’s winter sale is underway, with a couple of double breasted coats going for $160.  J. Crew has 30% off sale items w/ STYLE2013.  DSW has $20.13 off a $99 purchase or $40 off $199 w/ HAPPY2013
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Friday Handful – 7/13/12
Sales that deserve some attention when heading into the weekend.  Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look.  Those are what make up the Friday Handful.  Expect these things when necessary.  Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below.  Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Jackthreads & Gilt: Designer Sunglasses Flash Sales
Both different, but not insane.

The Picks: Michael Kors Sardinia – $69.99 | John Varvatos Tortoise – $99.00

Jackthreads is carrying the likes of Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Mosely Tribes, and more.  Gilt is running a John Varvatos sale right now.  Buying sunglasses sight unseen over the web is ALWAYS risky, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the return policies.  Like the Kors in brown?  They have them at Overstock for $59.  Varvatos sunglasses are made in Japan.


Huckberry: General Knot & Co. Made in the USA Ties
Accent fabric sourced from deadstock

The Picks: Indigo Twill/Plaid – $65 ($88) | Charcoal/floral – $45 ($88)

Made in New England by combining top notch fabrics like the indigo and charcoal chambray shown here, with deadstock material which has now finally found a wearable home.  For example, the floral accents on the charcoal tie were cut from old Pima Cotton shirting from Italy.  Perfect slim, but far from skinny, 2 7/8″ width on these.  Personality that doesn’t scream on these.  Character that stands out quietly.


Levi’s Semi Annual Sale: 25% off + free shipping on $100+ orders w/ SUMMER25
And now you’re set for fall pants.

The Picks:

505 Straight Fit Trousers – $32.90

 501 Dimensional Rigid – $41.90
 514 Slim Straight twill pants in “Atomic Grey” – $29.90
= $86.02 ($104.70 pre-code)

Good if you like to buy in bulk.  Free shipping will be applied AFTER you drop the code in, so if you’re just over the century mark and then apply the code as shown in the example trifecta above, you’ll have to shell out for shipping.  Also know that items that are more than half off are final sale and can’t be returned.  Code SUMMER25 expires 7/18.


Allen Edmonds:  Save 15% – 50% Summer Clearance
Loafers for splitting logs?

The Pick:  Lubbock Single Monk Loafer – $219.00 ($295)

Part of the Allen Edmonds “Rough” collection.  Not a dainty thing in the least.  Goodyear welt, Made in the USA, all the standard Allen Edmonds expectations.  Now juts under $220, with free shipping and returns.


The Reminder: Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale starts in one week on 7/20
Next week.

The Picks: TBA

Unlike the half-yearly-sale for Men, Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale puts brand new stock for the fall season on sale.  It’s a bit of a reverse/bizzaro sale.  Most sale events are there to move old product that’s been hanging around for a bit.  This stuff has just hit the shelves with a price tag lower than it’ll be at for months after.  It’ll still be hot, and there will be lots of fall and winter appropriate stuff, but it’s a big one.

Also worth a mention:  Macy’s just launched a one day sale, standby for a post on that.  Endless is doing 20% off shoes $100 or more with code 12SUMMER.  Johnston & Murphy’s summer final clearance is on, but the Runnell Chukka is a ridiculous $71.96 with ALPICNIC2.  Hugo Boss is also having a summer clearance, and one of the few splurges worth a look are these dark grey Mother of Pearl cufflinks.  Along with General Knot & Co., Huckberry has launched their Critical Cycles Sale (remember them from the eliminator?) with the bikes going for $169 plus shipping.  L.E.C. has $20 off $75 and free shipping at $50 with the code JULY and pin 5230.  Bonobos posted on their Facebook page this morning an extra 20% off sale items offer for their FB Fans (credit Avisha for the early spot).
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A Relationship Myth to Avoid: Having To Be " In Love" Forever
Being in love is an emotional high for most normal people. It's a time when reality can be better than your dreams. I've heard some describe it as a time when the world changes from bleak black and white to vibrant color. Who wants this feeling to be extinguished? No one!read more
Relationships  anger_issues  anger_management  bonfire  dirt  dump_truck  fades  failure  feel_something  flame  handful  holding_grudges  in_love  long_time  myth  nbsp  relationship_problems  sense_of_entitlement  thump  twigs  vibrant_color  world_changes  from google
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