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Calligraphr - Draw your own fonts.
Fill out the form, get a handwritten font
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7 days ago by glass
Transcribe. Collaborate. Share…
…and benefit from cutting edge research in Handwritten Text Recognition!
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Are you transcribing historical documents? Handwritten or printed, from the middle ages or from the 20th century? Would you like to do this in a highly standardized, flexible and reliable way? And do you appreciate to get support from automated tools such as Handwritten Text Recognition and Layout Analysis?

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Are you responsible for large collections of handwritten and printed documents? Do you believe that digitisation paves the way to realise new opportunities to access, enrich and explore archival material? And are you open to involve humanities scholars and volunteers so that they can work with these documents in an effective way – producing data which can also be integrated in your repository?

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Are historical letters, postcards, manuscripts or medieval documents fascinating for you? Do you enjoy deciphering handwriting – this wonderful feeling when you can read something which may be hidden to most other people? And do you believe that everyone can make a valuable contribution to scholarship and science?

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Are you a computer scientist and working in the fields of computer vision, document analysis, pattern recognition, natural language processing or a related field? You are seeking interesting documents from 1000 years of handwriting, printing and publishing? And you would really enjoy to get some reference data in a well-acknowledged format, such as PAGE?

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25 days ago by sebbi

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