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'I want to stand up for every woman experiencing abuse' - BBC News
When nude photos of leading Ugandan model Judith Heard were published without her consent last year she not only found herself under arrest, but also under attack in the media and online. To break this pattern of victim-blaming, she is now urging Ugandan women to talk openly about sexual abuse - and to show solidarity with one another. She told her own story to Sophie Hemery and Alice McCool.
JudithHeard  Uganda  Modelling  Models  Abuse  Harassment  MentalHealth  BBCNews 
3 days ago by dk33per
Troll Patrol Findings
By Amnesty International: "The findings of our Troll Patrol project: a joint effort by human rights researchers, technical experts and thousands of online volunteers to build the world’s largest crowd-sourced dataset of online abuse against women." Launched in December 2018. "Using Crowdsourcing, Data Science & Machine Learning to Measure Violence and Abuse against Women on Twitter"
Twitter  violence  women  racism  harassment  harcelement  world  rights 
9 days ago by kmo
Lawsuit against Grindr could set new precedent for how tech companies regulate the spread of false information
For months, Matthew Herrick says his ex used Grindr to create fake profiles impersonating him. The profiles reportedly claimed Herrrick was big into BDSM, rough unprotected sex, and rape fantasies. It also claimed he’s HIV-positive when he is, in fact, not.

The ex then sent strange men, sometimes as many as a dozen per day, to Herrick’s home as well as to the restaurant where he worked.

Herrick took action against his ex, including filing 50 complains with Grindr, 14 police reports, and even obtaining a temporary restraining order, but the harassment didn’t stop.

The lawsuit was thrown out by a federal district judge last year, who cited the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which protects tech companies for being held responsible for content posted by third parties.

But Herrick’s not giving up yet. He’s now arguing that Grindr violates product liability law.
by:GrahamGremore  from:Queerty  Grindr  catfish  harassment 
10 days ago by owenblacker

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