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Perspectives on Harmful Speech Online - @BKCHarvard
"This collection of essays includes perspectives on and approaches to harmful speech online from a wide range of voices within the Berkman Klein Center community. Recognizing that harmful speech online is an increasingly prevalent issue within society, we intend for the collection to highlight diverse views and strands of thought and to make them available to a wide range of audiences...Through this collection, we sought to highlight ongoing research and thinking within our extended community that would be available to readers in a way that is more accessible than traditional academic research. The 16 short essays compiled in this collection are authored by a global group of friends, colleagues, and collaborators. We hope that this diverse mix of perspectives, viewpoints, and data points provokes thought and debate, and inspires further exploration." - Berkman Klein Center
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yesterday by dmcdev
Google cancels all hands
Can't keep employees safe from harassment
google  harassment  allhands  doxxing  crisis 
5 days ago by nelson
Abuse in Pakistan: 'I’m more scared of harassment online than offline'
"The country’s first cyber harassment helpline is providing legal and psychological support to women facing threats on social media platforms," writes Sabrina Toppa for The Guardian. OTF supported the launch of the hotline, which "has received more than 700 calls [pdf] from women seeking help. On average, the helpline fields more than 80 calls a month, more than 60% of which are from women."
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6 days ago by dmcdev
Roman Britain in Black and White – TheTLS
Historian Mary Beard getting harassed for pointing out that Roman Britain wasn't just white people.
online  harassment  history  gender  Romans  Mary_Beard 
7 days ago by KuraFire

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