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Susan Fowler on the Aftermath of Speaking Out Against Uber | Time
Speaking up comes at great personal cost. Being a whistleblower is not easy. It is not glamorous or fun. It will terrify you and scare you and forever change your life in ways that will be beyond your control. But, despite all of this, shining a light in the darkness is the right thing to do. In some cases, like my own, it is the only way to leave the world better than you found it.

SusanFowler  Uber  sexism  discrimination  harassment  whistleblower  Time  2020 
11 hours ago by inspiral
Caroline Flack’s death shows how social media has democratised cruelty | Richard Seymour | Opinion | The Guardian
What is really happening here is that a form of punitive moralism towards celebrities, long associated with the tabloid press and the police – whose alliance was exposed by the phone-hacking scandal – has now been democratised. The issue is not unkindness or random bad behaviour, but a cultural system of public sadism.
FlackCaroline  tabloids  socialMedia  suicide  harassment  CPS  morality  culture  celebrity  vigilantism  dctagged  dc:creator=SeymourRichard  realityTV 
2 days ago by petej
Susan Fowler on speaking out
Uber whistleblower suffers horrible harassment and creepy investigators after calling out the company's disgusting management
uber  sexism  tirefire  harassment  sexualharassment  susanfowler  traviskalanick  tk  nick 
5 days ago by nelson
The Architectures of Online Harassment (Part 1) |
If we want to think about minimising and controlling the impact and scale of harassment, then we perhaps need to think of it at a more granular level, as a socio-technical problem, and as something that is contextually constituted by the interactions of human behaviour, technical interfaces, and social context.
harassment  sexualviolence  cyberbullying  speech  trolling  haraway 
8 days ago by rachaelsullivan
About that Online Course in Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention
Oddly, no scenarios where male faculty meet with female students behind closed doors. No examples of male faculty taking female grad students out for lunch and talking about how attractive they are. No examples of male program directors terrorizing their staff with irrational outbursts or sending one of his assistants off to fire a part-time lecturer in front of his class. No examples of male administrators pressuring subordinates to stay late, to come in on weekends, to pick up dry cleaning, to provide a back rub. No ordinary, everyday, decades of looking the other way scenarios.
15 days ago by craniac
Bernie Sanders Politely Asks Supporters Not To Harass His Opponents - Rolling Stone
February 24, 2019 3:53PM ET
Bernie Sanders Politely Asks Supporters Not to Harass His Opponents

“Let us do our very best to engage respectfully with our Democratic opponents,” the candidate said in an email
Bernie_Sanders  supporters  harassment  of  Elizabeth_Warren 
16 days ago by Quercki

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