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Deciphering the Messages of Apple’s T2 Coprocessor | Duo Security
Apple の T2 チップは内部的に h2 使ってたりするのか。面白い。
apple  hardware  security  protocol 
45 minutes ago by summerwind
Hardware-Diagnose mit Desinfec’t | c't | Heise Magazine
Von DVD oder Stick ein Live-Linux wie Des­in­fec’t star­ten und eines von vie­len Dia­gno­se­tools auf­ru­fen: Schon spru­deln In­for­ma­tio­nen aus ei­ge­nen oder frem­den Sys­te­men nur so her­aus. So kön­nen Sie Hard­ware ein­deu­tig iden­ti­fi­zie­ren und dafür pas­sen­de Trei­ber be­schaf­fen. Auch Re­pa­ra­tur­werk­zeu­ge sind dabei.
heise  ct  administration  hardware  tips  desinfect 
4 hours ago by torben
How to pick the right router for 3G/4G broadband
Some very solid advice here.
People regularly ask me what router or antenna to get for mobile broadband.  Most people who ask are in rural areas that are stuck on a slow DSL or fixed wireless connection. [...] This article will mainly focus on routers, see my other article for antenna advice.  I recommend that one first sees how they get on with a suitable router as an antenna may not be necessary. 
3g  4g  broadband  hardware  modems  wireless  rural 
22 hours ago by jm

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