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Cisco, IT Industry Struggle to Adapt to Cloud Era - Bloomberg
Some of this corporate adaptation/sales stuff sounds kind of similar to the problems FireEye apparently has in moving to work with all the cloud stuff?
cloud  Cisco  routers  hardware  FireEye 
yesterday by jcretan
Reverse Engineering My Home Security System: Decompiling Firmware Updates
A few weeks ago I got a home security system installed in my home. The package included a 7-inch tablet called the Honeywell Tuxedo that...
hardware  reverseengineering  security 
yesterday by geetarista
Apple External Graphics Development Kit
macOS High Sierra brings support for external graphics processors to the Mac for the first time. The External Graphics Development Kit enables you to develop and test demanding graphics-intensive apps, including VR content creation, on any Mac with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.
hardware  gpu  apple  development 
yesterday by mikael
New Vive Price Makes The Best VR System More Accessible to the Mass Market
Starting today (8/21), we are reducing the price of Vive by $200. The high-end, PC-based consumer Vive that is in market today, and will be for the foreseeable future, will now be available for $599. All Vive purchases come with a free trial to Viveport Subscription, where consumers can choose up to 5 titles per month to experience, and copies of some of the most popular pieces of VR in Google’s Tilt Brush, EverestVR, and Richie’s Plank Experience.
vr  hardware 
yesterday by mikael

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