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Linux support for the RigKontrol3 audio and MIDI input and output interfaces are provided by the snd-usb-caiaq ALSA kernel driver which currently sends button presses and pedal movements from the controller as Key Events. This utility, written in C, runs as a daemon to grab the input events (so they don't go anywhere else) and sends them as MIDI events thru an ALSA sequencer port. udev rules are included to make this 100% plug-n-play.
audio  midi  hardware  Linux 
yesterday by klokie
Saleae Logic. The logic analyzer you'll love to use.
Debug hardware like the pros with the logic analyser you'll love.
hardware  debug 
yesterday by marlus
Windows 10 keeps restarting my PC after shutdown - Super User
I found my computer restarting by itself and I found the problem.

Go into my computer right click properties
then get into device manager.
Under network adapters find your driver right click and make sure that under power management tab you unclick let device start up computer.
windows  hardware 
yesterday by stewymac07

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