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Teach logic gates and digital circuits effectively. Teach logic gates and digital circuits effectively
simulator  brainbox  hardware  education 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
High Sierra firmware suggests Secure Enclave, Intel 'Purley' chips coming to iMac Pro
According to Pike's Universum, code in the latest macOS 10.13 High Sierra beta release suggests iMac Pro will be Apple's first desktop to feature Secure Enclave integration. […] As for processors, High Sierra code points to the use of Intel's LGA3647 socket, a server-grade component reserved for the Purley Xeon platform. Purley is based on the Xeon E5 and E7 platforms and supports high-end Skylake class Xeon silicon. The information lines up with Apple's promise to equip the desktop with 8-, 10- or 18-core Xeon processors. Entry-level 8-core versions are expected to start at $4,999.
Pike's Universum also found reference to Intel's Basin Falls chipset, high-end hardware that supports the chipmaker's new Core X-Series processors. The X299 chipset is interoperable with Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X parts, the latter of which is being offered with up to 18 cores.
intel  mac  imac  2017  cpu  hardware  spunti 
yesterday by nicoladagostino
Yuan Jing Audio
DIY hifi supply company. Mini amplifiers, etc.
audio  diy  hardware 
yesterday by mbw
The Quantum Computer Factory That’s Taking on Google and IBM | WIRED
No company is yet very close to offering up a quantum computer ready to do useful work existing computers can't. But Google has pledged to commercialize the technology within five years. IBM offers a cloud platform intended as a warmup for a future commercial service that lets developers and researchers play with a prototype chip located in Big Blue’s labs. After a few years of mostly staying quiet, Rigetti is now entering the fray. The company on Tuesday launched its own cloud platform, called Forest, where developers can write code for simulated quantum computers, and some partners get to access the startup's existing quantum hardware. Rigetti gave WIRED a peek at the new manufacturing facility in Fremont—grandly dubbed Fab-1—that just started making chips for testing at the company's headquarters in Berkeley.
quantumcomputing  hardware  innovation  Rigetti  startup  review  Wired  2017 
yesterday by inspiral
King Star Computer - Your High-End Server Specialist
This is where pin board buys hardware. Maciej says it's goood.
server  hardware 
yesterday by chrchr
Arduino Shield List
Arduino Shield List
Pin usage details for 317 shields from 125 makers, and counting!
make  electronics  arduino  hardware  shield  references 
2 days ago by richtbreak
Ducky One White TKL RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard (Brown Cherry MX) |
"Excellent for gaming and typing, this Ducky One mechanical keyboard features tactile switches for tactile feedback without the noise of a clicky style switch."
(doesn't have a 10-key, so this might be good for work?
keyboard  gear  hardware 
2 days ago by mechazoidal

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