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Web Cam | Harvard Forest
The images below are from cameras located on the Prospect Hill Tract of the Harvard Forest, and also on our new farm adjacent to Prospect Hill. They are part of a network called Phenocam that links hundreds of webcams across the US and Canada to study seasonal changes in vegetation. Click on any image below to get the current larger image. Images are updated every 30 minutes during daylight hours.
gh  trees  Harvard  Witness_Tree  webcams 
2 days ago by fulab
Changing libraries — but not too much
"Students may not be entirely aware of the role they can play in pursuit of that goal. Ensuring that Harvard Library’s extensive archives are as inclusive and representative as possible of diverse sources of knowledge and history is the work of the collective student body. Students can call for the library to add to its collection or expand its offerings and yield results, and the library system ought to encourage students to take such an active role. We appreciate the availability of librarians in this and all processes, and we hope that students take more advantage of their presence and willingness to engage."
harvard  libraries  archives  students 
5 days ago by jnchapel
Why Tech Giants Are So Desperate to Provide Your Voice Assistant
Voice assistants represent the third key UI and technology platform shift of the past three decades, following the web in the 1990’s and smartphones about 10 years ago.
hbr  harvard  business  review  voice  era  alexa  google  assistant  2019 
6 days ago by yencarnacion
Affirmative action case looked like trouble for Harvard — so how did it win so decisively? - The Boston Globe
William Lee, an attorney for WilmerHale and Harvard’s lead trial attorney, said the university pursued an unusual legal strategy for these types of affirmative action cases: It pushed for the case to go to trial, risking the public airing of potentially embarrassing details.

“The reason we have a trial is to bring to life what on paper you may not be able to communicate,” said Lee who is closely tied to the university as a member of its governing corporation.

Lee, an experienced intellectual property rights lawyer who previously represented Apple Inc. in its lawsuit against Samsung over the patent for the smartphone, said there were hazards in the aggressive path the Harvard legal team chose.

A trial would spotlight embarrassing details about Harvard’s admissions process, including the college’s fawning over the children of donors and alumni and its aggressive pursuit of athletes.

But Harvard, Lee believed, could weather those public relations hits in order to show that its admissions process was racially unbiased and legal.

“If we’re going to demonstrate our admissions process is constitutionally permissible . . . we needed to pull back the curtain and let people see how the process works,” Lee said.

Past college affirmative action cases have relied on a judge’s review of documents and depositions rather than live court testimony. Only one other landmark affirmative action case — against the University of Michigan Law School in 2001 — started with a trial before it was eventually decided by the Supreme Court.

But during the three-week trial last October over Harvard’s admissions practices, the usually secretive university and some of its most tight-lipped administrators went into detail about how they sifted through a pool of more than 40,000 applicants to build a class of about 1,600 students. Ultimately, 13 Harvard officials testified, including the former university president, three current and former deans, and a parade of admissions staff.

To combat the statistically heavy case presented by two experts from Students for Fair Admissions, eight black, Latino, and Asian-American Harvard students and alumni took the stand to share their personal stories of making it to Harvard and the benefits of using race in admissions. Students for Fair Admissions did not call any students or present any cases of applicants who were specifically disadvantaged by Harvard’s admissions process.

Harvard’s strategy was effective, said Mishell B. Kneeland, a former Texas assistant attorney general now in private practice who helped the University of Texas system win an affirmative action lawsuit brought several years ago by Abigail Fisher, a student who alleged she faced discrimination as a white applicant. The Fisher case was also backed by Edward Blum, the leader of Students for Fair Admissions.
harvard  law 
8 days ago by sandykoe
Radcliffe Knafel Center renovation | Bruner / Cott
Radcliffe Gymnasium was designed in 1898 by McKim Mead & White as a gym for students at Radcliffe College. The reinterpreted gymnasium is now a lecture and event salon for the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study in Radcliffe Yard.
harvard  history  architecture 
14 days ago by sandykoe
SEC FORM 13-F Information Table
Booking Holdings (NASDAQ:BKNG), once known as Priceline
Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)
Palo Alto Networks (NYSE:PANW)
iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (NYSEARCA:IVV)
Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF (NYSEARCA:VEA)
harvard  management  company  hmc  endowment  stock  market  idea  ideas  stocks  13f  sec 
18 days ago by yencarnacion
Harvard Medical School (HMS) Makerspace Prototyping Lab
A prototyping lab located in the heart of the Longwood campus, complete with 3D printers, arduino boards, a Microsoft HoloLens, and other hardware.
medical  sumi  harvard  makespace  health 
19 days ago by cyberchucktx

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