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Cache tables
"In conventional hash tables, we have different probing schemes, or separate chaining with different data structures. For a cache table, we have our strict bound P on the number of entries we allow in the same bucket, and practical choices of P are relatively small, in the single or low double digits. That makes the most natural representation a simple 2D array: N rows of hash buckets with P columns, each with space for one entry, forming a N×P grid. Having storage for all entries in the same row right next to each other leads to favorable memory access patterns, better than most probe sequences used in open addressing or the pointer-heavy data structures typically used in separate chaining."
caching  hash  datastructure 
3 days ago by aapl - Home is a community recovering password from submitted hashes.
crack  cracking  database  hash  password  recovery  repository  md5  sha1 
6 days ago by plaxx
darkskyapp/string-hash: Fast string hashing function for Node.JS.
Fast string hashing function for Node.JS. Contribute to darkskyapp/string-hash development by creating an account on GitHub.
hash  short  development  github  javascript  simple 
14 days ago by amason
Mesh Optimizer
Mesh optimization library that makes indexed meshes more GPU-friendly
MIT  license  mesh  GPU  graphics  hash 
4 weeks ago by kevincopps

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