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Charles Scalfani – Medium
His blog. Has a number of articles on functional programming.
functional  elm  haskell 
2 days ago by scottnelsonsmith
#!/usr/bin/env runhaskell
main = putStrLn "hello world script"

Then chmod +x.
Simple as this to run a scr…
Haskell  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by tjweir
Haskell eXchange
haskell  conf 
4 days ago by FTS
Fixing 17 space leaks in GHCi, and keeping them fixed · Simon Marlow
New blog post by on the debugging journey that uncovered 17 space leaks in GHCi: .
haskell  from twitter_favs
4 days ago by tjweir
This comment from the streaming package: ""getContents" :: Stream (Of Char) m () -- the IsString instance…
haskell  from twitter
4 days ago by etorreborre
Cabal-Install - HaskellWiki
The cabal-install package provides the cabal command-line tool which simplifies the process of managing Haskell software by automating the fetching, configuration, compilation and installation of Haskell libraries and programs.
haskell  tutorial  reference  guide  packages 
4 days ago by dicewitch

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