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Installation on Docker - Home Assistant
Instructions to install Home Assistant on a Docker - useful if you don't want to clutter that fresh and clean Raspberry Pi of yours.

If you've got a Razberry GPIO card there are additional things to tweak:
hassio  hass  openhass  home  assistant  docker  installation  setup 
2 days ago by arrelid
pkozul/ha-floorplan: Floorplan for Home Assistant
ha-floorplan - Floorplan for Home Assistant
4 days ago by hackboy
: Die Ausländer sind schuld, krakeelen die einen. Alles legitime Israelkritik, relativieren die anderen. Unter…
Hass  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by schmitz
Add an active Weather Radar Map - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community
Home Assistant - tips for getting updating weather maps in to the display.
hass  weather 
september 2017 by stibbons

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