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For business to win in the coronavirus crisis, head to the bottom of the pyramid | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
Understandably, this is a confusing and unprecedented time. But the answer to the question is actually fairly straight-forward (not to be confused with easy!). Let’s use my blog as a very simple example of a coronavirus pivot. I put a ton of work into my blog.
for  business  to  win  in  th  head  the  bottom  of 
yesterday by marshallk
Snap Camera - Snap Camera
Apparently you can layer this on top of your webcam feed (creates a virtual webcam video feed output), so you can do snapchat head filters on your microsoft teams video conference, while also manipulating the background separately. This will end in tears...
humor  snapchat  head  fitler  overlay  webcam  video  videoconferencing  windows  AR  camera  microsoft  teams  fake  mask 
8 days ago by asteroza
Test Android apps for cars  |  Android Developers
The DHU enables your development machine to emulate an Android Auto head unit, so tha
Android  Auto  head  unit  linux  debian  pi 
5 weeks ago by kilroy2
English Hedges and Hedgerows
English hedges and hedgerows, a history from Roman times to the present day. Part of the English History guide on Britain Express
engish  head  hn  wtf 
11 weeks ago by xer0x

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