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Hide Google Map Top Bar Embedded Header - How To Online Tips
Hide header on top of embedded Google Maps | Custom Maps; Wie man den Header einer selbstgemachten Google Map auf einer Website versteckt;
googlemaps  embed  header  css  style  howto  iframe 
12 hours ago by spitonastranger
The headers we don't want
HTTP headers are an important way of controlling how caches and browsers process your web content. But many are used incorrectly or pointlessly, which adds overhead at a critical time in the loading of your page, and may not work as you intended. In this first of a series of posts about header best practice, we’ll look at unnecessary headers.
server  header  webdev 
yesterday by mathieup
HTTP headers we don't want | Hacker News
HN comments on the article. Article is also bookmarked here.
http  header  web  server 
3 days ago by brentfarwick

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