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The headers we should (and shouldn't) use
Don't set:
- Server, X-Powered-By, Via: leaks information about tech which could be an attack vector
- P3P: no longer used

Instead of X, use:
- Expires -> Cache-Control: no-store, private
- Pragma -> Cache-Control: no-store, private
- X-Frame-Options -> Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self'
bestpractices  http  headers  REST  API 
28 days ago by iyoti
http headers - How do I force files to open in the browser instead of downloading (PDF)? - Stack Overflow |
To indicate to the browser that the file should be viewed in the browser:
Content-Type: application/pdf
Content-Disposition: inline; filename="filename.pdf"

To have the file downloaded rather than viewed:
Content-Type: application/pdf
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="filename.pdf"

The quotes around the filename are required if the filename contains special characters such as filename[1].pdf which may otherwise break the browser's ability to handle the response.
httpd  apache  webmaster  headers  contentdisposition  sortof  solution 
6 weeks ago by kme
The Importance of Heading Levels for Assistive Technology
WebAIM’s 2017 Screen Reader survey tells us that navigating via headings is the most important way people who rely on assistive technology locate information. Because of this, it’s important to craft your website’s headings properly.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  accessibility  headers  headings 
6 weeks ago by spaceninja
Paging in ASP.NET Web API: Generating Pagination Links • Jerrie Pelser's Blog
// Build up the link header
List<string> links = new List<string>();
if (linkBuilder.FirstPage != null)
links.Add(string.Format(LinkHeaderTemplate, linkBuilder.FirstPage, "first"));
if (linkBuilder.PreviousPage != null)
links.Add(string.Format(LinkHeaderTemplate, linkBuilder.PreviousPage, "previous"));
if (linkBuilder.NextPage != null)
links.Add(string.Format(LinkHeaderTemplate, linkBuilder.NextPage, "next"));
if (linkBuilder.LastPage != nu...
pagination  headers 
7 weeks ago by alabra
Analyse your HTTP response headers
Quickly and easily assess the security of your HTTP response headers
security  headers  headercheck  responseheaders 
10 weeks ago by daledavies_me
Heading structures are tables of contents
The heading structure of a web page is like its table of contents. It gives people who can’t see your page a way to navigate it without reading everything.
fridayfrontend  html  cssbasics  accessibility  headers 
september 2018 by spaceninja

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