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Nope, Sleep Restriction Isn't New | Van Winkle's
CBTi is a goal-oriented, drug-free approach to treating insomnia that surfaced in the ‘60s and has been recommended by very important medical authorities as a first-line defense against against clinical-grade sleeplessness
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3 days ago by tswaterman
"Intermittent fasting is one of the most compelling methods to potentially increase your lifespan, enhance your cognitive performance, and boost a broad spectrum of health and immunity metrics."

"From an evolutionary biology perspective, fasting mimics our ancestral feast and famine cycles. When there's no food, the body perks up into a higher “hunter-mode” gear to more effectively hunt and forage for sustenance. This may be why neuron growth is accelerated during a fast."

"Stay warm. A lot of WeFast members have felt chillier than normal on fast days. This means the fast is working as your body is starting to conserve energy."

"Research has suggested that intermittent fasting may have a positive effect on immunity, inflammation, metabolism, cancer, longevity"
fasting  health  community  diet 
3 days ago by dandv
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No excuses! Time for action!
✅ Reduces sugary drinks sales
✅ Protects
✅ Raises money
✅ Sets healthy no…
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3 days ago by monicatapiaa
Ask HN: What are some sabbatical programs for working software engineers? | Hacker News
What are some other programs that serve as good "educational retreats"?
The couple of programs I know about are

The Recurse Center:

Bradfield Sabbatical Program:

I can enthusiastically recommend Recurse Center. A wonderful community of amazing people, and a really well-run program.

recurse center anecdote: one of the engineers on our team did a 8 week sabbatical there to dabble in erlang and machine learning. they had a fantastic experience and enthusiastically recommended it to everyone else.

Depending upon the rigor your desire and the content, fab academy may be interesting. FYI they have host locations around the world and a yearly global conference.
vacation  life  health  sabbatical  todo  travel 
3 days ago by hellsten

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