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Synthetic particles as contaminants in German beers: Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A: Vol 31, No 9
A total of 24 German beer brands was analysed for the contents of microplastic fibres, fragments and granular material. In all cases contamination was found. Counts ranged from 2 to 79 fibres L–1, from 12 to 109 fragments L–1 and from 2 to 66 granules L–1. The results show a high variability between individual samples and samples from different production dates. Possible sources of this contamination with foreign materials are discussed.
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Changing the reward system - thoughts? : kratom

I have used Kratom every day for the past two years or so. 2g of white in the morning, 2g of white in the evening. This has profound effects on me as a person - it curbs anxiety, depression, improves focus, and gives energy. From what we know, there aren't a lot of adverse effects.

The past 5 days, I have been Kratom free. It really hasn't been that hard. I've been supplementing with L-Tyrosine (a dopamine precursor, I believe my depression is dopamine deficient based) and it's been great. But I've been thinking of doing kratom another way.

What if one were to use kratom to reward themselves after doing something productive? For example, I am hypothesizing using 1g of kratom after doing morning tasks such as walking my dog, doing laundry, having a big healthy breakfast. Following that, 1g of kratom after lifting weights. Then, in the evening maybe 1g of kratom after I study. I used to do kratom to get the motivation to do these things by doing them before these activities. However, after a while, it seems like doing these activities without kratom is psychologically impossible. If one were to do kratom after these activities, wouldn't it be beneficial for the reward system in terms of building healthy habits?

Thoughts? I think this could be huge and a good way of deterring the addiction mentality.

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18 hours ago by jaredb

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