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When We Eat, or Don’t Eat, May Be Critical for Health - The New York Times
A growing body of research suggests that our bodies function optimally when we align our eating patterns with our circadian rhythms.
Nutrition scientists have long debated the best diet for optimal health. But now some experts believe that it’s not just what we eat that’s critical for good health, but when we eat it.
A growing body of research suggests that our bodies function optimally when we align our eating patterns with our circadian rhythms, the innate 24-hour cycles that tell our bodies when to wake up, when to eat and when to fall asleep. Studies show that chronically disrupting this rhythm — by eating late meals or nibbling on midnight snacks, for example — could be a recipe for weight gain and metabolic trouble.
That is the premise of a new book, “The Circadian Code,” by Satchin Panda, a professor at the Salk Institute and an expert on circadian rhythms research. Dr. Panda argues that people improve their metabolic health when they eat their meals in a daily 8- to 10-hour window, taking their first bite of food in the morning and their last bite early in the evening.
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Catch offers a financial safety net to those without an employer benefit plan or to supplement an existing employer benefit plan. Customize your financial plan and implement it when your income is deposited. Save for taxes, time-off, retirement, and insurance all in one place.
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The Moovosity app provides the tools and imagination to get kids active
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Enjoy your food – Canada’s Food Guide
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