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Opinion | Who’s Profiting From Your Outrageous Medical Bills? - The New York Times
So today your hospital and doctor and insurer — all claiming to coordinate care for your health — are often in a three-way competition for your money.

As the battle for revenue has heated up, each side has added new weapons to capture more: Hospitals added facility fees and infusion charges. Insurers levied ever-rising co-payments and deductibles. Most important they limited the networks of providers to those that would accept the rates they were willing to pay.

Surprise bills are the latest tactic: When providers decided that an insurer's contracted payment offerings were too meager, they stopped participating in the insurer's network; either they walked away or the insurer left them out. In some cases, physicians decided not to participate in any networks at all. That way, they could charge whatever they wanted when they got involved in patient care and bill the patient directly. For their part, insurers didn't really care if those practitioners demanding more money left.
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There's so much talk about machine and algorithmic bias for , but this example…
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