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Live Transcribe
Google's new live transcription app -- 'see instant captions anywhere.
Whether you’re ordering a coffee or meeting someone new, Live Transcribe helps you communicate in the moment.'

If this works, it'd be fantastic for the deaf and hard of hearing... nifty!
android  google  deaf  hearing  transcription  accessibility 
7 days ago by jm
About Audiology Providers, PC in Frisco, TX
About Audiology Providers, PC in Frisco, TX. Our history, mission, and purpose. We are committed to helping all patients hear better.
health  hearing  in-ear  headphones 
14 days ago by shoesiq
Hearing Protection: How to Preserve Your Hearing on Noisy Sites
Whether you are in charge of a crew about to head to its next job site or you are a worker on that crew, you need to know how to preserve your hearing.
hearing  hearing-protection  noise 
14 days ago by Adventure_Web
Products to help at work | Action on Hearing Loss
These assistive listening technology will help you to participate in meetings, talk on the phone and socially interact with people at work.
deafness  hearing  products 
22 days ago by andyscotuk

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