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University of Toronto announces largest donation in school’s history for construction of new centre, institute
MARCH 25, 2019 | The Globe and Mail | by JOE FRIESEN.
Billionaire investor Gerald Schwartz and Indigo chief executive Heather Reisman announced Monday that they will donate $100-million to the University of Toronto for the construction of a new centre for innovation and entrepreneurship as well as an institute that will study the impact of emerging technologies on society......We read an article together about this bold ambition the university had to create a new complex that would be devoted to the whole subject of technology and innovation,” Ms. Reisman said. “The things that they talked about housing there were things we were interested in – the Vector Institute [for Artificial Intelligence], the Creative Destruction Lab, the entrepreneurs. We looked at each other and said ‘We’d like to support that.’"

Mr. Gertler said the gift is affirmation of the role the university plays in innovation in fields such as machine learning, gene editing and regenerative medicine.

“There are very few gifts across the country that have been this big,” Mr. Gertler said. “It draws on U of T’s world class strength, both in machine learning and the ethics and philosophy of technological change and its impact on society.”
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Indigo’s next chapter could be global - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Last updated Wednesday, Jun. 26 2013,
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Eco-friendly the lure for Reisman's new stores
September 19, 2008 | Globe & Mail | By MARINA STRAUSS.

Ms. Reisman also took inspiration from Mickey Drexler, a Wall Street darling and former head of clothier Gap Inc., who is now CEO of J. Crew Group, on whose board of directors Ms. Reisman sits. "What I learned from Mickey is: You have to have a point of difference and you have to have a real passion for what you're trying to do. Second, you're not going to get it all right, which I knew from experience."
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For Indigo CEO, it’s time to think outside the book
Nov. 09, 2011 | The Globe and Mail | by MARINA STRAUSSMARINA STRAUSS

Ms. Reisman has made a $315-million (U.S.) deal to sell Indigo’s majority stake stake in e-reader maker Kobo Inc. to Japanese e-commerce player Rakuten. Ms. Reisman is in a stronger position to make acquisitions and expand non-book ventures, to offset Indigo’s shrinking book business. She will invest heavily to shore up her new product design and development studio in New York City, which is focused on home decor and gift items....Ms. Reisman must reinvent the book store as consumers increasingly opt for mobile readers over physical books. She’s being forced to branch out ever more into gifts, toys and home decor merchandise, even as competition gets tighter. By 2013, savvy U.S. discounter Target Corp. (TGT-N51.69-1.36-2.56%) will launch its stores in Canada, carrying many of the same types of products.

Book sales, which now make up about 75 per cent of Indigo’s business, will fall to 50 per cent in a couple of years, according to Indigo’s forecast.
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Indigo's Heather Reisman faces digital reckoning - The Globe and Mail
Apr. 08, 2011 Globe and Mail MARINA STRAUSS
Indigo has now arrived at its Starbucks moment, and Ms. Reisman knows
it. The wave of digital adoption that swept through music and video
retailing, decimating them, is now hitting book sellers, forcing them to
redefine their business model.
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Lessons in getting it done
09-17-2007 The Globe and Mail article by Pitts, Gordon
profiling bookstore magnate Heather Reisman and her new project - to
inspire young entrepreneurs.
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