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Stories About My Brother

"Despite his long list of accomplishments as a computer programmer and engineer, when I complete the search there is little left of Yush: a GoFundMe started by my parents, an entry from the Toronto funeral home where his body was cremated, an article in his college alumni magazine. On the internet, a place where Yush lived his life, he has been reduced to one single fact: He died young."

"While I had always worried about his financial stability, in the days and months following his death, I would learn that he had become wealthy from bitcoin investments. I learned that he was secretly building a technology that he believed could revolutionize the world. And I learned that he had written an anonymous essay about our family published in a Men’s Rights anthology, in which he lamented over a society that values the 'emotional pain' of women over the burden men have to provide for them. He complained that women were inferior in logical ability, and that women in abusive relationships are not held accountable for their decision to stay, while pressures upon men are overlooked and ignored."

"In all of the interviews I conducted for this piece, no one brought up his mental health or what role it played in his death, if any. But I believe that his brilliance and apparent eccentricities masked the toll that his unmanaged depression and deep-seated insecurities about masculinity took on him."

"How do you write about someone you loved intensely, but didn’t really like?"

"While the decisions he made were his own, I believe that Yush felt that society’s narrow confines of what it means to be a man—especially a brown man in America—offered him little choice. I see the pain of a sensitive boy who succumbed to the impossible, unforgiving demands of an unhealthy relationship to masculinity; fostered by a patriarchal Indian-American household; and exacerbated within a male-dominated, libertarian tech industry where the success of certain men was treated as self-evident proof of their superiority."

"Many nights, he visits me in my dreams. He always appears as he did when we were still close. In one dream, he has a terminal illness and I’m trying to cheer him up. In another dream, we are kids at an amusement park with our parents and he turns to me and says, 'That was the best day of my life.' Then he looks down and says he knows he’s going to die soon. We both hold hands and cry. Then I wake up."
family  internet  tech  death  gender  height  race  appearance  usa 
14 days ago by skwak
Screen Size Map
An interactive map of popular screen sizes illustrating the responsive and adaptive device landscape.
adaptive  breakpoint  cheat  client  design  display  end  experience  front  frontend  height  interface  map  media  monitor  overiew  poster  querry  resolution  responsive  screen  screensize  sheet  size  ui  ux  uxer  viewport  web  width 
14 days ago by speckz
MARTINI: Real-Time RTIN Terrain Mesh / Vladimir Agafonkin / Observable
MARTINI: Real-Time RTIN Terrain Mesh To render terrain in 3D, you need a triangular mesh — a set of 3D triangles representing the surface. The easiest way to get one from height data is a uniform grid (two triangles per pixel), but that's a lot of triangles. For fast rendering, we want to reduce this amount by adapting the mesh to the surface — using bigger triangles in relatively smooth areas, and smaller ones where there's a lot of detail. One such approach, proposed by W...
3d  graphics  gis  game-development  graphics-programming  map  poly  reduction  height  reduce 
8 weeks ago by jonrandy
Human Height - Our World in Data
Human height is determined by a range of genetic and environmental factors. How do average heights vary across the world? How have heights changed over time? See global and country-level data on the evolution and differences in human height.
statistics  history  height  gender  demography  health 
11 weeks ago by pmigdal
Multi-column manipulation: Every Layout
shows how you could use 100vh to make a column page overflow horizontally instead of vertically. + Interesting details about about css column
webdesign  web  design  column  css  height  width 
11 weeks ago by piperh
ggplot geom_bar() label bars (with 'count') - Stack Overflow
ggplot(mtcars, aes(x = gear)) + geom_bar()+
geom_bar  count  height  bar  length  label 
july 2019 by bikesandbooks
DIY Loft Bed - Genius! - Bob Vila
to create a height-adjustable sleeping space
loft  bed  height  adjustable  DIY 
july 2019 by meFavs

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