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Delighted that mentioned the session I’m participating in as a of the at…
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9 days ago by whykay
Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, and the “Too Fast Too Soon” Relationship | Thrive Global
"“The early stages of a relationship should be slow and organic. We should take this time to truly get to know the person and see if we are the right fit together.”" via Instapaper
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13 days ago by robknight
The Science Of Love In The 21st Century - The Huffington Post
"It is foolish, says caution / It is impossible, says experience / It is what it is, says love." via Instapaper
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21 days ago by robknight
“Living In Your Head Rent-Free” Is The Perfect Insult Of Our Times
"Fixating on how much we fixate on others is taking up more of our mental space than ever. But plenty of things already rattle around in our heads, doing damage and giving nothing in return" via Instapaper
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5 weeks ago by robknight
CodeZen – Zenify your Source Code
Generate shareable and elegant image from your source code. You can customize the image through bunch of options like themes, fonts etc.
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8 weeks ago by spaceninja
pomber/code-surfer: React component for scrolling, zooming and highlighting code samples <🏄/>
React component for scrolling, zooming and highlighting code samples <🏄/> - pomber/code-surfer
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9 weeks ago by jimthedev
Give Yourself a Break: The Power of Self-Compassion
"We tend to associate personal growth with determination, persistence, and hard work, but the process often starts with reflection. One of the key requirements for self-improvement is having a realistic assessment of where we stand—of our strengths and our limitations. Convincing ourselves that we are better than we are leads to complacency, and thinking we’re worse than we are leads to defeatism." via Instapaper
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11 weeks ago by robknight

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