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MultiTail allows you to monitor logfiles and command output in multiple windows in a terminal, colorize, filter and merge.
MultiTail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program. The difference is that it creates multiple windows on your console (with ncurses). It can also monitor wildcards: if another file matching the wildcard has a more recent modification date, it will automatically switch to that file. That way you can, for example, monitor a complete directory of files. Merging of 2 or even more logfiles is possible. It can also use colors while displaying the logfiles (through regular ex...
tail  mulitple  file  merge  filter  pattern  regex  highlight  color  colorize  window  log  program  output  listen  watch  directory  command  monitor  logfile  starred  linux  macos  macbook 
14 hours ago by ebouchut
Slow scrolling in vim due to cursorline and relativenumber
Slow scrolling in ruby files with syntax: on and set relativenumber
vi  vim  syntax  highlight  ruby  slow  performance  scroll  annoyance 
6 days ago by christianmlong
Slack is the opposite of organizational memory
"I think most people agree that when knowledge workers work together on teams they need to use writing to agree on what to do. On slack the quality of that writing is plumbing new depths. There’s a world of difference between a well-considered G doc that has been edited by multiple people vs a stream of consciousness mixed in with people’s WFH announcements and ‘look what my cat did’." via Instapaper's/help/2018/02/11/slack.html
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11 days ago by robknight
Highlight web with - best marker, highlighter, annotator! is a simple annotation tool.
Have you ever used a marker pen for highlighting your paper documents? will do the same for webpages! After you install a browser extension or bookmarklet and run Marker simply by clicking on the icon, you can highlight text on a website with your mouse.

Annotating helps to point out important information in long articles. Our annotator creates a special link for the highlighted version of the page (like You can share it through Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, IM etc. Or just bookmark it with your favorite bookmarking tool, i.e. Delicious.

You can view highlighted page with any browser! No bookmarklet or browser extension is necessary for viewing.
utilities  Software  extension  web  highlight 
11 days ago by fclough
Everything Easy is Hard Again – Frank Chimero
"Illegibility comes from complexity without clarity. I believe that the legibility of the source is one of the most important properties of the web." via Instapaper
instapaper  highlight 
12 days ago by robknight
Code highlighting for Keynote presentations
Code highlighting for Keynote presentations using the Highlight brew module
sublime  keynote  rtf  color  syntax  highlight  tools  plugins 
13 days ago by spaceninja
Copy and paste highlighted code from Safari into Keynote
you can copy and paste highlighted code from Safari into Keynote. Been using it with jEdit ages ago, should be easier now
slides  keynote  safari  syntax  highlight  color 
13 days ago by spaceninja
Carbon is the easiest way to create and share beautiful images of your source code.
source  code  highlight  service  image 
16 days ago by oppara
Carbon is the easiest way to create and share beautiful images of your source code.
source  highlight  code  image 
16 days ago by oppara
Highly: Highlight to share.
Highlight the web to share the important parts.
17 days ago by zchi
A pure-ruby code highlighter that is compatible with pygments
ruby  highlight  pygments  code 
22 days ago by barryf
Some GIFs and Sounds are meant to be together. Pair them.
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4 weeks ago by ference
Birdcage liners – Joel on Software
"In a world where the tech industry was cranking out millions of dumb little social applications, this one happens to limit messages to 140 characters and that happens to create, unintentionally, a subtlety-free indignation machine, which is addictive as heck, so this is the one that survives and thrives and becomes a huge new engine of polarization and anger." via Instapaper
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5 weeks ago by robknight
How to Quickly Highlight All Table Cells Containing Specific Text in Outlook Email
If you need to quickly find out and highlight the table cells containing the specific text in an email, you can use the method shared in this article.
Highlight  Table  Cells  Outlook  Email  repair  VBA  Specific  Text 
5 weeks ago by DataNumen

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