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Welcome to Climate Visuals | Climate Visuals
Climate Visuals is an evidence-based image library to catalyse public engagement
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6 hours ago by cc2050
How Loneliness Changes Across Your Lifetime | Greater Good Magazine
"If our social life looks like what we’d expect for someone our age, we’re less likely to start fretting about our connections, triggering the alarm bells of loneliness." via Instapaper
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18 days ago by robknight
From Blame to Responsibility: Taking Ownership of Your Problems
"Your own mistakes are part of the universality of the human condition; the disturbances you experience in life are similar to the experiences of others. This commonality can be used to accept others." via Instapaper
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27 days ago by robknight
The Death of a Parent, Mother or Father, Affects Human Minds and Bodies | Fatherly
"In the twelve months following the loss of a parent, the American Psychological Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders considers it healthy for adults who have lost their parents to experience a range of contradictory emotions, including sadness, anger, rage, anxiety, numbness, emptiness, guilt, remorse, and regret. It is normal to withdraw from friends and activities; it is normal to throw oneself into work." via Instapaper
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27 days ago by robknight
Take our playbook: NPR’s guide to building immersive storytelling projects | NPR Training
"we want to be strategic about the digital projects we work on. Before starting a project, we should be able to clearly explain the editorial value of the project and how it will serve our audience." via Instapaper
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7 weeks ago by robknight
asottile/blacken-docs: Run `black` on python code blocks in documentation files
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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9 weeks ago by geetarista
A JavaScript library to progressively highlight any text on a page.
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9 weeks ago by vicchow

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