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Discrimination at the Intersection of Age, Race, and Gender: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-field Experiment
We show race discrimination against prime-age black job applicants that diminishes into middle age before re-emerging for older applicants.
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yesterday by brycecovert
Rethinking how we interview in Microsoft’s Developer Division
Interviews should bring great people into the team, to make sure they’re a fit and will succeed, and to create a great experience for them so they want to join. Most interview processes don’t.
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yesterday by tedw
Peter Norvig: Being good at programming competitions correlates negatively with being good on the job at Google. : programming
- Norvig: Maybe... Competitive programmers are used to doing things fast and move on to the next thing. You perform better on the job if you're a little bit more reflective and go slowly and make sure you get things right.

- Commenter: Wild guess: those who trained in programming competitions overperform during Google interviews. As a result, the bar for them is lower than for the general software engineer population. For example, someone who should be just below the bar, but trained for years ...
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4 days ago by hellsten
We’re ! 2019 conference brings together over 800 people from all around the world to shape the futur…
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4 days ago by teromakotero

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