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Stop Hiring for Culture Fit
Excellent writeup of the hiring culture at Netflix and how to build a good company culture around hiring.
workplace  hiring  management 
11 hours ago by adamvig
I'm the founder of a company that is ~250 people, remote first, and still fully ... | Hacker News
Hashicorp founder Mitchell Hashimoto on the legal and HR challenges of hiring for and running a remote-first company.
hiring  management  remote-work 
21 hours ago by ryanartecona
Name and Shame: IBM : cscareerquestions
A very negative review of IBM's hiring process.
hiring  IBM  via:HackerNews 
yesterday by mcherm
We are looking for a (junior) compiler expert to join the Computing group at NTNU.
AssociateProf  Hiring  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by kyosha

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