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Lynching in America
Equal Justice Initiative & Google
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12 hours ago by seandanaher
Doctor Who A History of the TARDIS Police Box Prop and its Modifications
by Gav,

"Fans like to document things. In detail. In unncessary detail. I've always been interested in the half-facts I knew about the police box prop, how it was built and collapsed and rough new ones got thrown together. But I was amazed at the changes that the familiar TARDIS shape went through..."

"Not everyone realises that the TARDIS in Doctor Who has changed many times, and those that do many not realise quite how much it changed. Then again, maybe the differences are only visible to those amongst us who don't get out enough - Those whose lives are enlivened by doing diagrams such as the one above showing the main TARDIS props to scale.I am unhealthily delighted by creating such diagrams, and if seeing such a diagram delights you, then read on."
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13 hours ago by eric.brechemier
YouTube -- [Breitbart]: Delingpole with James Delingpole: Douglas Murray
"Eastern Europe still retains the tragic sense of life and the Western Europeans have lost it utterly. We think we've got time off from history, we wish everything away on a tide of human progress, we pretend we don't die, we pretend that the point of life is to acquire more and more things and to go on nice holidays. And Eastern Europeans have remembered that you don't get time off from history...and you ought to be careful with your society."
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14 hours ago by adamcrowe
Cool Math Site of the Week, March 18th 2001, Canadian Mathematical Society's KaBoL projec
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14 hours ago by eeeps
'A hub for the hamlet': King Ferry family re-creates corner store in Cayuga County | Local News |
"Our community was thriving at the time," Rebecca recalled, smiling. "We had King Ferry Central School right up the road. Larry Nedrow's store was here and there was a newspaper — the Southern Cayuga Tribune — across the street. There was a dentist upstairs and a gas station and, in the center of it all, we had the cutest little lighthouse." 

And on Dec. 29, 2016 — with some shelves stocked, the stove on and the gas pumping — John and Rebecca quietly unlocked their doors at King Ferry Corner Store.

15 hours ago by maoxian

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