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Where to Celebrate Women’s Rights This Year - The New York Times
To commemorate the centennial of the ratification for the women’s vote, new tours and exhibitions can be found across the country.
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The Legend of the Almost Lost | STANFORD magazine
Sunset Magazine archives saved
A great preservation story: How the editors and librarians of Sunset saved the magazine’s vast and invaluable archives from extinction in 2015, when Time, Inc., owner of Sunset, sold the Menlo Park campus and decreed that the archives, which represent more than a 100 years of history, were to be shipped to the landfill.

“We told Stanford to come and take everything. Right now. And they did—not quite in the dead of night, but close.”
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RT : Congratulations to the 2020 Finalists for the Pauli Murray Prize in Black Intellectual ! Be sure to c…
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Where America’s Fight for Housing Is an All-Out War - The New York Times
"Look at Dougherty’s chapter on the semirural Bay Area suburb of Lafayette. In 2011, it went nuclear over a proposal to build 14 buildings and 315 apartments. The developer, Dennis O’Brien, knew how protectionist Lafayette was; like so many other suburbs and cities within cities (Lakewood, Beverly Hills), Lafayette had incorporated, as Dougherty writes, expressly to “wrest land-use power from the county” — of Contra Costa — “and put a stop to growth.” It worked. While Lafayette’s population more than tripled between 1950 and 1965 (from 5,000 to 19,000), after its incorporation in 1968 it has stayed steady at 25,000. Residents decried O’Brien’s proposed project on the grounds of aesthetics, traffic congestion, protecting the school system and carcinogenic construction dust."
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Yuval Noah Harari Gives the Really Big Picture | The New Yorker
His blockbuster “Sapiens” predicted the possible end of humankind. Now what?
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