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Waterfall was a historic accident and they knew it
Noting that the US DOD basically forced waterfall on the industry, by selectively taking parts of Winston Royce's "Managing the Development of Large Software Systems" paper from 1970
software_development  history  antipatterns 
5 hours ago by mechazoidal
Operation Plumbbob - Wikipedia
During the Pascal-B nuclear test, a 900-kilogram (2,000 lb) steel plate cap (a piece of armor plate) was blasted off the top of a test shaft at a speed of more than 66 km/s (41 mi/s; 240,000 km/h; 150,000 mph). Before the test, experimental designer Robert Brownlee had estimated that the nuclear explosion, combined with the specific design of the shaft, would accelerate the plate to approximately six times Earth's escape velocity.[8] The plate was never found, but Dr. Brownlee believes[9] that the plate did not leave the atmosphere, as it may even have been vaporized by compression heating of the atmosphere due to its high speed. The calculated velocity was sufficiently interesting that the crew trained a high-speed camera on the plate, which unfortunately only appeared in one frame, but this nevertheless gave a very high lower bound for its speed. After the event, Dr. Brownlee described the best estimate of the cover's speed from the photographic evidence as "going like a bat!"[8][10]
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5 hours ago by rtlechow
Ask HN: Were we more productive 10, 15, or 20 years ago? | Hacker News |
I am super-uber productive. I am lead developer of 3 libraries, and 2 of the 3 flagship products of the facial recognition company I work. My background includes VFX production as a developer and digital artist for 9 major release feature films, lead 3D game console developer for 15 years, and OS developer of the original PlayStation. Through ALL that, I still use the same "make" I used back in the 80's, I hand write my make files, just give me a text editor and a compiler. That is ALL I need, that and to be left alone.

No slack/chat app bullshit, no trying out of tools, just doing the job with the tools I know very well. Delivering early, or over delivering on time, with 100% certainty of what I'm delivering because I know the libs and tool chain from years of experience with them.
productivity  webdevel  frameworks  history  tooling  thewaythingswere 
8 hours ago by kme
Why 2.4GHz? Chasing wireless history | Indiegogo
"It was driven by Raytheon, in advance of their RadarRange and microtherm products. Raytheon wanted 2600-2700 megacycles, but settled for 2400-2500. The frequency choice was based on a combination of empirical measurements of heat penetration for various foodstuffs, design considerations for the size of the magnetron, and frequency considerations for any resulting harmonic frequencies. GE were making a similar product at the time, in the 1000 mc region, and decided that having 2400 open would allow them to generate harmonics from a fundamental of 1200. This, and some other smaller reasons, swayed the FCC towards 2400. The decision was somewhat rushed, as Raytheon had given the FCC demonstration RadarRanges in August '46, and was eager to get them to market as it had several large pre-orders. Medical diathermy, and the interference it caused, was a serious consideration at the time, and likely the main motivation for the ISM bands at all, but since it tended to lower frequencies, and the 3GHz region was relatively new territory, Raytheon were able to get 2400 assigned ahead of of the rest of the diathermy driven ISM bands, which still required some deliberation. END SUMMARY I've taken hundreds of photographs of the relevant sections of the docket, and will have them all available alongside the report, so that I can reference them directly. I think I'll have it for you around the middle of June. Once again, thank you all so much for your support, this literally couldn't have happened without you. Hugh [O'Brien]"
rf  history 
9 hours ago by natevw
Internet history, design, advanced use, help, security, important features...
Internet history, World Wide Web, Email, IRC, MUD, Design, Work, Invented, Security, Help
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9 hours ago by boscage

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