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How To Make Siri your Perfect Home Companion With Devices not Supported by Apple Homekit
Homekit is a home accessories management framework developed by Apple.
It allows Apple devices’ owners to control connected objects from different manufacturers using a single interface. It enhances Siri’s capability to interpret commands intended for those devices.

Homekit is particularly interesting, over other connected objects protocols like Home Assistance, if you own an iPhone and an AppleTV. Homekit is native on iPhone, allowing easy control of your appliances through Home app and quick access tab. The apple TV will behave as a hub allowing you to set up automation tasks and to control your home from outside of your home network.
homekit  homebridge  plugin  code 
11 days ago by anmipe
Makelism :: 애플 홈킷 (HomeKit) 세팅 - 9. 라즈베리파이를 버리다. (Docker 설치)
애플 홈킷 (HomeKit) 세팅 - 9. 라즈베리파이를 버리다. (Docker 설치) via Instapaper
iot  NAS  homebridge  homekit 
15 days ago by Guju
Used my vacuum to pick the perfect router location for a project. Optimal…
roomba  homekit  homeautomation  from twitter_favs
20 days ago by oliver.turner
Erasing Complexity: The Comfort of Apple’s Ecosystem – MacStories
Every year soon after WWDC, I install the beta of the upcoming version of iOS on my devices and embark on an experiment: I try to use Apple's stock apps and services as much as possible for three months, then evaluate which ones have to be replaced with third-party alternatives after September. My reasoning for going through these repetitive stages on an annual basis is simple: to me, it's the only way to build the first-hand knowledge necessary for my iOS reviews.
I also spent the past couple of years testing and switching back and forth between non-Apple hardware and services. I think every Apple-focused writer should try to expose themselves to different tech products to avoid the perilous traps of preconceptions. Plus, besides the research-driven nature of my experiments, I often preferred third-party offerings to Apple's as I felt like they provided me with something Apple was not delivering.
apple  ecosystem  airpods  watch  homekit  homepod 
26 days ago by rgl7194
Makelism :: 애플 홈킷 (HomeKit) 세팅 - 12. 분리. (1)
애플 홈킷 (HomeKit) 세팅 - 12. 분리. (1) via Instapaper
iot  homekit 
26 days ago by Guju

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