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First Alert's All-in-One HomeKit-Enabled Smoke Detector, Speaker, and Alexa Assistant Now Available to Order - Mac Rumors
First Alert has announced that its Onelink Safe & Sound smoke and carbon monoxide detector is now available to order.

Introduced at CES...
7 days ago by twleung
Homebridge Sensors for Plex
"Homebridge Sensors for Plex is a plugin I’ve created in my spare time for the popular Homebridge server, which lets you create various sensors for Apple HomeKit that can be triggered by a playback in Plex. This allows you to automate HomeKit compatible devices with Plex in fun & useful ways."
plex  automation  homekit  apple 
11 days ago by grahams
HomeBridge - 任意のデバイスをHomeKitに対応させる MOONGIFT
HomeBridge - 任意のデバイスをHomeKitに対応させるの使い方、日本語情報はMOONGIFTでチェック。IoTがトレンドになり、家庭などでも多数のデバイスが使われるようになっています。テレビやクーラーなどでネットワーク対応のものもありますし、赤外線を出すデバイスで各種家電を操作するものもあります。そうしたIoTデバイスをiOSから操作する仕組みがHomeKitですが、対応デバイスでなくとも使えるようにするのがHomeBr...。MOONGIFTはオープンソース・ソフトウェアを毎日紹介
14 days ago by oppara
Lutron Caseta and Motion sensor : HomeKit
“Is Lutron Caseta the only HomeKit device in your home?

“Among the HomeKit compatible motion sensors:

“Ecobee Room sensor ($79 for pack of 2): This is the one I use and it requires Ecobee thermostat. There’s about 1 second lag, which I think is more than reasonable. Once registered, it will show up as 2 HomeKit devices, (1) Temperature sensor and (2) Motion sensor. It uses CR2032 coin battery that lasts last up to 4 years.

“Philips Hue Motion sensor ($39.99): I read that this is the most reliable of these, but it requires Hue bridge. It uses AAA batteries that lasts minimum of 2 years.

“Elgato Eve Motion ($49.95): Since it uses Bluetooth, expect it to be a bit laggy (I read 2 seconds or more, often a lot more). And since it’s Bluetooth, you must place HomeKit hub (iPad, Apple TV, HomePod) within its range. It uses AA batteries that lasts minimum of 1 year.

“iHome iSS50 ($49.99 to 79.99): This Wi-Fi based sensor might be your best bet, but it’s out of stock and I have no idea how well (or doesn’t) work. It has 5 sensors: (1) motion, (2) temperature, (3) light, (4) sound, and (5) humidity. It is powered by AC, so the placement is more limited (but on the other hand, no need to replace batteries).

“Outside HomeKit, Lutron sells various occupancy sensors, which might work with Caseta products. I have Caseta myself, and I frankly prefer to stay within HomeKit ecosystem.”
lutron  caseta  2018  home  homekit  reddit 
15 days ago by handcoding

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