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Have you had your Bezos moment? What you can learn from Amazon | CIO
There will be no other form of interprocess communication allowed: no direct linking, no direct reads of another team’s data store, no shared-memory model, no back-doors whatsoever. The only communication allowed is via service interface calls over the network.
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43 minutes ago by foliovision
awesome-selfhosted/ at master · Kickball/awesome-selfhosted
This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers. - Kickball/awesome-selfhosted
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20 hours ago by anjackson
WordPress Hosting Plans from Pressable
Discover all the managed WordPress hosting plans that Pressable offers. We also provide custom WordPress hosting solutions for clients with unique needs.
yesterday by foliovision
Hosting solutions: Webspace, VPS, Dedicated Server, Colocation -
Contabo offers low-cost dedicated servers, virtual private servers, webspace and colocation. Professional hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes.
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yesterday by cothrun
Sandstorm Oasis is Shutting Down - Sandstorm Blog
The company had run out of investor money while having achieved essentially no revenue, and no hard evidence that we’d ever achieve any. While Sandstorm was popular on Hacker News, that popularity never really converted into paying users. Meanwhile, in the market where we imagined we’d find real profits – enterprise software – we’d made no real progress whatsoever.
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2 days ago by foliovision
Platforms · wekan/wekan Wiki
The open-source kanban (built with Meteor). Keep variable/table/field names camelCase. For translations, only add Pull Request changes to wekan/i18n/en.i18n.json , other translations are done at only. - wekan/wekan
hosting  kanban  trello 
2 days ago by foliovision
Setting up a mail server with OpenSMTPD, Dovecot and Rspamd -
It does not matter much where you decide to run your mail server, but what you need to check is that:
the host doesn’t have a history of hosting spammers and allows you to do SMTP
you have an IP address that is dedicated to your mail
you have control of the reverse DNS for that IP address
your IP address isn’t already in blacklists
As long as these requirements are met, you should be fine.
email  mail  hosting  dns 
3 days ago by euler

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