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MayaToHoudini - cgwiki
I did a first version of this page after working on Happy Feet 2 in 2011, using Houdini in a very limited context in the lighting department. In 2014/2015 I've been lucky enough to use Houdini in a broader context on Insurgent and Avengers at Animal Logic, learning from some of the best Houdini artists around.

As such it seemed time to update this little tour. I'm hardly an expert (hell, it took me years to feel halfway competent in Maya, and I've been using it since maybe v2 in 2001 or so), but I'm now fairly confident of what Houdini is and isn't good at. And while it shouldn't be a competition, I imagine folk reading this will be like I was several years ago; sort of intrigued by what Houdini offers, but wary of a big scary jump from the safe Maya waters. As such, this is a competition, and I'll try and point out why it's worth learning.

It's also a big wall of text, sorry about that.
Maya  houdini  cgi 
6 days ago by paulgreer
Guard Tower | Unity | Collections | SideFX
The Guard Tower project teaches new Houdini users how to construct game-ready assets. The main goal is to show the process of building the Guard Tower scene procedurally using Houdini then to deploy those assets inside Unity using the Houdini Engine plug-in.
Houdini  unity  tutorial 
8 days ago by phed
PolyWire - Houdini Docs
Constructs polygonal tubes around polylines, creating renderable geometry with smooth bends and intersections.
10 days ago by _nathan
Procedural World Generation of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 | Etienne Carrier | Houdini HIVE Utrecht - YouTube
Didn't watch since it seems a lot like what they covered in GDC but saving for reference later if I need it.
pcg  terrain  Houdini 
25 days ago by MemoryStomp
Game Development article in japanese about how Houdini was used to create the effects for Monster Hunter world Capcom. Born Digital
capcom  3dcg  3d  houdini  Articles  *3d 
6 weeks ago by akiraman

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