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How Singapore Fixed Its Housing Problem - YouTube
Simplifies a lot of things, but 90% home ownership doesn't lie.
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Why JG Ballard’s High-Rise takes dystopian science fiction to a new level
Why JG Ballard’s High-Rise takes dystopian science fiction to a new level

“In High-Rise, over the course of three months, a 40-storey tower block housing 2,000 residents – “a small vertical city” – descends from civilisation to tribalism to hunter-gatherer savagery (there is even a suggestion of cannibalism), in a kind of mass psychosis where they retreat from the outside world. Though Ballard was not a political writer in a narrow party sense, it can certainly be read as a premonition of the selfish Thatcherite society to come – a man-eat-dog society as well as a dog-eat-dog one.”

“Richard Wilder (played in the film by Luke Evans) represents the id;”
There’s a film of High Rise

“At this psychodynamic level the residents actually enjoy the breakdown of the building’s services, and the growing confrontation between the floors. But this is no class war – the residents are all middle-class professionals – it’s territorial, atavistic”

“Encouragingly, Wheatley’s new film, scripted by Amy Jump, is set in London in the 1970s (though filmed in Bangor, County Down) when the book is set. “It’s a moment in design that looked to the future and was still excited about it,” he says. “Now we mainly see dystopia or a white, shiny iPod future. The idea of a book looking to a future that has already happened and making a film looking back to the past to show a possible future was interesting.””
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