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The transformation of landlord-tenant law
Great law review history of the evolution of landlord-tenant law from a hybrid of real-estate and contract law to a modern commercial contract.
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11 hours ago by zachkrumm
Policy Forum: Vancouver's Property Taxes in Perspective by Thomas Davidoff :: SSRN
"Vancouver has unusually inelastic housing supply, therefore, one might expect property taxes to be higher there than elsewhere in Canada. A natural comparative measure of the property tax burden across markets is the ratio of property tax to rent. By this measure, the total property tax burden for a typical owner-occupied home (inclusive of annualized property transfer tax) in Vancouver (10 percent) is significantly lower than the mean among other Canadian cities (16 percent) where data allow ready comparison. More expensive homes in Vancouver face higher rates that are closer to but still lower than those typical in other large Canadian cities."
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11 hours ago by pacpost
This Vancouver home could become Huawei exec’s $5.6-million prison | The Star
"The mortgage documents may appear to indicate a tiny or non-existent down payment, but Usher said that would be a misinterpretation. He said the documents indicate a common type of mortgage offered not just by HSBC but by many Canadian banks.

“This is an open-ended mortgage. You may be using it to buy your car, to fix your house, to go on a vacation,” Usher explained.

“What it means is, they’ll give you money for buying your house, but it will also be like a line of credit. So what they put on the title is not what you’re actually paying; you’d have to see the loan agreement to actually understand that.”"

"Those policies include a 20 per cent foreign buyer tax when properties change hands, an increased property tax on properties worth over $3 million, Vancouver’s empty homes tax (one per cent of assessed value, although the current mayor has vowed to raise it to three per cent) and a provincial speculation tax that also targets underused properties.

“That’s the really interesting part of this case,” Yan said. “It really touches upon how Vancouver has become this city of hyper-transiency that has really shaped its housing markets.”"
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12 hours ago by pacpost

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