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A successful climate plan must also tackle the housing crisis | Opinion (The Guardian, 10/1/2019)
The Democratic nominee should be able to answer the question: what will your climate plan do for the housing crisis?
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16 days ago by davidkoren
Modular homes - the solution to the housing crisis and affordable housing.
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april 2019 by gourock_swimming
RT : Canadians face a while the Liberals spend billions in corporate tax giveaways & billions more on a p…
HousingCrisis  from twitter
january 2019 by UnionStayshyn
Second day of our housing conference in Ellensburg! We are learning so much about the in Washington…
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september 2018 by nelag
RT : We can sit by and let the crisis erode our economy and displace underrepresented groups. Or we can a…
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may 2018 by benny
Also missing in this story of our manufactured is prov like in Ontario where downloading to…
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april 2018 by jbfink
in gets to perhaps the most important point to be made to address &…
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april 2018 by tonyshannon
RT : The root of the is that housing is treated as a commodity to be bought, sold and rented for profit.…
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december 2017 by jbfink
Boom-mates: How Empty Nesters Could Help Ease a Housing Shortage - Trulia's Blog
"It’s a tale of two generations. In America’s most expensive housing markets millennials struggle to find affordable housing. Meanwhile, nine in 10 retirement-age baby boomers and older Americans want to stay in their homes even as costs rise.

Prices are high, inventory is low, and new housing growth is stagnating. But what if these two generations got together to solve their mutual housing-related problems?

We looked at the 100 largest housing markets to find people living in homes with at least two bedrooms more than the number of occupants ­– to account for a guest room or office – owned by the oldest Americans. We found tens of thousands of homes have nearly 3.6 million unoccupied rooms that could be rented out.

For retired or soon-to-retire boomers, extra rooms are an opportunity to supplement income and offset cost-of-living increases – as much as an additional $14,000 a year. For many older Americans, renting a room provides an economic boost that may help them stay in a home longer."
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july 2017 by robertogreco

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