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CSS Duotone Generator
playground for css image blend effects. Photoshop-like blending modes. Give duotone-like effects. Generate the html and css
webdesign  web  design  css  blend  duotone  generator  effect  colour  html 
5 hours ago by piperh
@DesignerDepot : RT @JavaScriptDaily: Why Async: How JavaScript Interacts with the Real World - :
design  layout  graphic  web-design  web-dev  css  css3  webdev  html 
9 hours ago by dcolanduno
GitHub - RelaxedJS/ReLaXed: Create PDF documents using web technologies
ReLaXed creates PDF documents interactively using HTML or Pug (a shorthand for HTML). It allows complex layouts to be defined with CSS and JavaScript, while writing the content in a friendly, minimal syntax close to Markdown or LaTeX.
html  javascript  pdf  writing  editing  markdown  latex 
10 hours ago by awhite
Understanding why Semantic HTML is important, as told by TypeScript.
HTML isn’t just the foundation that we build our websites on it plays a vital role in making our websites function as expected across those platforms and technologies. If you use HTML to it’s full potential from the beginning, you’re not just making the most out of built in features you’re making it more functional for people, bots, and for any tech, not just now but in the future as well.
html  typescript  javascript  semantic 
11 hours ago by Gwendoux
@DesignerDepot : 4 #WebDesign Principles Hollywood Reboots Can Teach Us #strategy #workflow :
design  layout  graphic  web-design  web-dev  css  css3  webdev  html 
11 hours ago by dcolanduno
Vapid: an intentionally simple CMS
"Vapid is an intentionally simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML."
html  opensource  cms  web  development  tools 
16 hours ago by eric.brechemier
How To Create a Dropdown Menu With CSS and JavaScript
/* When the user clicks on the button,
toggle between hiding and showing the dropdown content */
function myFunction() {
html  css  howto  javascript 
yesterday by Steve_Z
WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1
This document provides readers with an understanding of how to use WAI-ARIA 1.1 [WAI-ARIA] to create accessible rich internet applications.
It describes considerations that might not be evident to most authors from the WAI-ARIA specification alone and recommends approaches to make widgets, navigation, and behaviors accessible using WAI-ARIA roles, states, and properties.
This document is directed primarily to Web application developers, but the guidance is also useful for...
a11y  reference  html  css  javascript  interactive  design 
yesterday by skoolbus39
Pug – robust, elegant, feature rich template engine for Node.js
Pug is a high-performance template engine heavily influenced by Haml and implemented with JavaScript for Node.js and browsers.
html  preprocessor  Jade  Pug 
yesterday by fjordaan

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