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Hookbin - Capture and Inspect HTTP Requests
Hookbin is a free service that enables you to collect, parse and view HTTP requests.
Create your unique endpoints to inspect headers, body, query strings, uploaded files and much more.
HTTP  REST  debugging  Fronius  PVOutput  testing 
3 hours ago by coffeebucket
Tunnel | LabStack Docs

Tunnel lets you expose local servers to internet securely - ngrok alternative, compatible with SSH client.

SSH between your server and remote host
TLS between client and remote host

Tunnel can be created using SSH or Tunnel client
Use Cases

SSH to your home machine e.g. Raspberry Pi from internet
Self-host applications at home and access them over internet
Public URLs to share with clients or co-workers
Directly share files from your computer
ssh  raspberrypi  file  sharing  http  server 
20 hours ago by awhite
WebPipes is a work-in-progress proposal for linking together web services.
WebPipes is a work-in-progress proposal for linking together web services.
pipe  automation  http  rest  api  utilities  Hacks  webpipes  standard  hooks  scripting  ios  workflow 
yesterday by michaelfox
Angular's HttpClient Testing in depth - ng-conf April 18–20th 2018 - The World's Original Angular Conference
Now you need to import the HttpClientTestingModule module. When you import the testing module, it imports for you the normal HttpClientModule which enables the HttpClient you use in your service, and it also provides HttpBackend as an instance of HttpClientTestingBackend, which is the mock backend you want. Wow, that was a mouth full! So mainly do the following:
angular  http 
2 days ago by vespertilian

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