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The Ultimate Guide to HTTP Requests in Ruby
Learn how to send HTTP request with Ruby using different gems & techniques. This article includes examples of the net/http library, HTTParty & the Faraday gem!
ruby  http  json  rest  restclient  faraday 
23 hours ago by beery
mitmproxy - an interactive HTTPS proxy
How did I reach my old age without this? Wonderful tool.
ssl  python  webstuff  webdev  http  network  development  security  tools 
yesterday by toyg
Incrementally better HTTP state management.
yesterday by jfmcdowell
How are parameters sent in an HTTP POST request? - Stack Overflow |
It /seems/ like the multi-value select boxes can be encoded by giving the variable name as 'fieldname[]'. Not positive, since I couldn't get it working quite right with Perl
http  get  post  serialization  webdevel  debugging  reference 
yesterday by kme
Rails 5 allows setting custom HTTP Headers for assets | BigBinary Blog
setting far-future cache expiry headers on assets served by rails
rails  http  assets 
2 days ago by jhealy
A Detailed Look at RFC 8446 (a.k.a. TLS 1.3)
This article provides a deep dive into the changes introduced in TLS 1.3 and its impact on the future of internet security.
tls  encryption  security  http  internet  RFC  https  primer 
2 days ago by lidel

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