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Senior UN official raises concern over the ‘de facto’ rejection of ECOSOC status for IDSN (IDSN News)
In his address to the Human Rights Council, the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, Andrew Gilmour, raised concern over the “repeated deferrals and apparent lack of transparency amounting to a de facto rejection on the granting of IDSN’s UN consultative status.”
ecosoc  IDSN  UN  idsnnews  humanrights  hrdefenders  hr_defenders  2018 
yesterday by idsn
1500 missing migrant kids
Yet more incompetence by the Trump administration; losing track of children after placing them with sponsor families
children  kids  immigration  politics  humanrights 
2 days ago by nelson
MEPs: EU should cancel agreements with India until unjustly jailed human rights defenders are released (IDSN news)
Nine Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have issued a letter to the EU High Representative, Frederica Mogherini, urging for the EU to cancel all agreements with India until human rights activists, that have been unjustly arrested, have been released and “the hunt against the Adivasis, Dalits, religious minorities and Kashmir, Manipuri people is stopped.”
IDSN  idsnnews  news  2018  MEP  EP  eu_parliament  EU  europeanparliament  India  humanrights  hrdefenders  hr_defenders 
3 days ago by idsn
ICE interrogating children
Kids asked if they have family in the US; then the family is arrested
ice  immigration  politics  trump  republicans  gop  humanrights 
8 days ago by nelson
There are more cases being buried, as per the usual pattern, I'm betting. Call the cops - int…
humanrights  justice  from twitter
9 days ago by kexrex
5x kids in detention camps
Migrant kids being kept in immigration detention at a much higher rate because Republicans are making it hard to find temporary homes for them
migrants  immigrations  kids  prison  civilrights  humanrights 
9 days ago by nelson
Why Ireland must get rid of its disgraceful blasphemy law | Media | The Guardian
Asia Bibi, as pictured in a photo handed out by her family in 2010.Photograph: HO/REUTERS Ireland is the only country in the developed western world to have…
government  religion  politics  law  democracy  humanrights  guardian 
9 days ago by asaltydog
Spanish actor detained after ridiculing 'God and the Virgin Mary' | World news | The Guardian
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government  religion  politics  law  democracy  humanrights  guardian 
9 days ago by asaltydog
The Mica Children: Fighting for Survival in India's Deadly Mines (Spiegel online)
Dalit children are facing extremely dangerous working conditions and violations of their basic human rights, working in child labour in mines supplying Mica to the cosmetics industries.
children  childlabour  business  humanrights  bondedlabour  2018  press  press_global 
9 days ago by idsn

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