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And from the perspective, it would be really interesting to see how an…
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9 days ago by sdp
The Lawyer X scandal is a massive blow to the criminal justice system: here's why
Unless Lawyer X had next to no role in the defence of her clients, all the results of any trial where she represented them could be overturned. And this could mean release from prison with no retrial.
law  legal  police  crime  australia  humanrights 
13 days ago by pozorvlak
Police use of 'biased' crime tech grows
At least 14 UK police forces have made use of crime-prediction software or plan to do so, according to Liberty. The human rights group said it had sent a total…
regulatorytech  uklaw  policing  legalai  police  law  crime  civilliberties  humanrights  from instapaper
15 days ago by tommorris
Attacks on UN civil society allies raise alarm (OHCHR 2018)
The UN OHCHR have released a news piece stating that, “Many speakers highlighted the "emblematic" case of the International Dalit Solidarity Network, whose application for accreditation has been deferred by the NGO Committee for 10 years now. The organization advocates for non-discrimination of Dalits. Over the 10 years, its application has received some 83 questions, all from India, in some cases the same question several times over, resulting in its application being repeatedly postponed for consideration until the following year.
Read the full news article by the OHCHR.
caste  ecosoc  2018  news  ohchr  UN  hrdefenders  humanrights 
19 days ago by idsn
EU encouraged to step up action on the issue of caste discrimination in global supply chains (IDSN News 2018)
The European Parliamentary Hearing on contemporary forms of slavery featured a presentation on caste and slavery in the supply chains of global companies by Ramesh Nathan, General Secretary of the National Dalit Movement For Justice-NCDHR, India. Ramesh pointed out the strong correlation between caste and slavery in India and urged the EU to step up action to address this in the supply chains of European companies.
Read the IDSN article on the hearing here >>
caste  business  businessandhr  humanrights  2018  slavery  supplychains  EU  ep  eu_parliament  India 
19 days ago by idsn

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